10 Best Motorcycle Songs of All Time

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Music and Motorcycles, two words in sync with each other, fantastic motorbike songs over the years have been inspired generations, sparked a motorcycling revolution, brought about cultural change in the way we perceive motorcycles in the years.

With this amount richness and inspiration, we decided to compile a list of ultimate motorbike songs that every living soul must be aware of. To perform this mammoth task, we had our work cut out for us, so many Songs all over the World are synonymous with Motorcycling or Motorcycles, here’s what we did, since we had to judge the best motorcycling songs, we had to listen to each one (That’s actually Awesome).

To compile the best, we began our research, search, listened, read lot of lyrics, that eventually lead to creation of a pool of awesome songs. Now by doing so, we came to realization, all popular ones are good, but not the best (except for one or two), the best ones were actually hidden somewhere in this mammoth pool of music goodness, to judge the best songs fairly, we had to devise an analysis scale / Meter psychcle style.


MRBT Scale: Ranked higher to Lower

Level 1: The Song should be either about motorcycling (analogy about life is okay) - M - 4

Level 2: Should be about Riding – R - 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – B - 2

Level 4: Finally, the tune should be awesome- T – 1


Then we pondered, looked, searched, listened, Analysed, Rated, compiled a list of the songs that we feel are the best decribe what we say the art of motorcycling

Finally, Let’s break it down for you guys;


No 10.

Song: 'Ezy Ryder'

Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Album: ‘The Cry of Love’ (1971)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Amazing Guitar Play, Music And Vocals, the song was inspired by the Movie Name Easy Rider, it’s about a guy who is riding on Highway Of Love, a person who goes with flow, falls in love wants to live free and finally Its Jimmy Hendrix do we say More.

Minus Side: The Song has little to do with the art of Motorcycling, riding analogy is okay though, based on the free spirit of the movie easy rider.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 2/4

Level 2: Riding –1/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 4/10.


No 9.

Song: ‘Motorcycle Mama’

Artist: SailCat

Album: ‘Motorcycle Mama' (1972)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Amazing Accoustic Music, Brilliant Voice and Lot of Motorcycling related lyrics, riding on a highway on a Harley, adding a sidecar, passing through towns.

Minus Side: The Song is about guy asking a girl to run away with him, not a good analogy to use in a song as per us, now you be the judge.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 3/4

Level 2: Riding –1/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 5/10.


No 8.

Song: 'Motorcycle Man"

Artist: Saxon

Album: ‘Wheels of Steel’ (1980)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Amazing Punk Rock Music, Terrific Vocals, Foot Tapping upbeat tempo, Amazing Guitar Shredding

Minus Side: Poor Lyrics , not a good message to the Riders. The Song is about being a motorcyle guy getting a kick out of riding insanely fast and doing dangerous stunts, as a purist rider the song is selling the idea of riding fast and doing stunts which is not recommended by us.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 2.5/4

Level 2: Riding –2/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 5.5/10


No 7.

Song: ‘Little Honda’

Artist: The Beach Boys (1964)

Album: N.A.

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: A Simple tribute song by the legendary beach boys describing a small Honda Cub Motorcycle for its ease of riding. Comparing a lightweight Honda Cub Bike to lot of the Bigger Bikes of the Generation, by singing  that it can do anything since the motorcycle is lightweight and fast.

Minus Side: Lyrics are simple, sounds like a Honda Advertisement, not that it is bad in any way.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 2/4

Level 2: Riding –1/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 2/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 6/10


No 6.

Song: ‘The Motorcycle Song’

Artist: Arlo Guthrie -- 1967

Album: N.A.

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Simple Music and Rhyme, Just Simply about a man who had an accident and wanted to write his feelings about riding his Bike. The pronounciation of the Motorcycle is amazing as he describes it as Motorcikle. There is a genius in the Nonsense, a weird but awesome story behind the song.

Minus Side: Lyrics are technically really poor.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 2.5/4

Level 2: Riding –3/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 6.5/10


No 5.

Song: ‘Ballad of Easy Rider'

Artist: Roger McGuinn

Album: ‘Easy Rider’ (1969)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Soothing Accoustic Music, Briliant Lyrics, Its about riding where you want to go, without any plans, wherever the River takes You.

Minus Side:  It’s on single track, some people might consider it slow, its not foot tapping for sure.


Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 3/4

Level 2: Riding –3/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 7/10


No 4.

Song: ‘Bat Out of Hell'

Artist: Meat Loaf

Album: From ‘Bat Out of Hell’ (1977)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Brilliant song by the legendary band about a boy who is riding fast, crashes,  sees the life flashing in front of him, remembers his girlfriend, Lyrically one of the Best motorcycle Songs we have heard, Sends a  message about bad implications of riding fast.

Minus Side: Even though the song is lyrically excellent, the Music is Average at best.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 3.5/4

Level 2: Riding –3/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 7.5/10


No 3.

Song: ‘Live to Ride, Ride to Live'

Artist: Twisted Sister

Album: ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll’ (1983)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Amazing Music, Briliant Analogy comparing the art of Riding to Life itself, superb guitar shredding, Nice Lyrics, one of those complete songs.

Minus Side: None As Such,  It’s can be classified as a One tone song if you really want to judge, listen and judge by Yourself .

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 4/4

Level 2: Riding –3/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 0/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 8/10


No 2.

Song: ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning’

Artist: Richard Thompson

Album: Rumor & Sigh (1991)

Psychcleanalysis -- 

Plus side: Probably one of the best motorcycle song of all time, a true tribute of the Legendary Vincent Motorbike, A man named James describing his affection for a girl and his motorcycle(1952 Vincent Black Lightning),  composed by one of the best singer, songwriter and Lyricist of his generation. Music Is pleasing, Superb Voice and incredible Lyrics., Rated of the best Songs of  all time by Time Magazine.

Minus Side:  Still at No 2 Position even after being such an incredible song, according to us, there is one better than this.


Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 4/4

Level 2: Riding –2/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 2/2

Level 4: tune should be awesome- T – 1/1

PsychcleRating Scale: 9/10


That Brings us to the No 1 Songs, any Guesses, you might since it’s not come up as yet,

The Best Motorcycle Song of All time is, Drumroll Please, you guessed it:

No 1.

Song: 'Born to Be Wild'

Artist: Steppenwolf

Album: ‘Steppenwolf’ (1968)

Movie: Easy Rider( 1969)

Psychcleanalysis --

Plus side: Cult Classic, Amazing song with lovely music, Vocals from a genre defining movie. Simply a Brilliant song from a classic movie, the song defines riding,  need we say more.

Minus Side: The only small issue is the use of word "wild" associated with riding, you be the judge.

Level 1:  Motorcycling/ analogy – 4/4

Level 2: Riding –3/ 3

Level 3: The MotorBike itself – 1.5/2

Level 4:  tune should be awesome- T – 1/1


PsychcleRating Scale: 9.5/10


Have you listened to them all? If not then what are you waiting for! Google them, youtube them or Wynk them and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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