5 tips you need to read now if You're Scared of Motorcycles

 Motorbike the right way


The first of everything has some strange kind of joy, which the second, third or fourth time may not have, be it seeing your baby taking his first step, learning a new language or buying your first bike and so on.

When you decide to muster the courage to buy a vehicle, a feeling of fear comes with owning a machine, a fear of one's safety. How safe is it to own a two Wheelin machine, Will I be in an accident, how will I manage the dangers of the Road? All these fears are ingrained in our system showcasing the wrong image of Riders. Lot of people who want to indulge in joy of owning/riding a two wheeler are scared of inherent fears, subjected to us since our childhood by every living soul that we have met, about the dangers of Motorcycle riding.


The fear that is attached with riding is null if you use them in the right way. You may wonder how is this possible:


let's clear the fog with some simple but important basic rider tips….

For a newbie Rider there is a lot to keep in mind to foster your riding skills and for an experienced one too there is always something new to learn.


Tip 1

The first and foremost is choosing a right motorbike. You might be thinking how does this matter, let us tell you it does, let’s give you a short and sweet explanation, whenever you decide to invest in a motorbike, think and select carefully, go according to the budget, usage and riding level, make sure that whatever you select suits your needs, a carefully selected machine will give you confidence, once your confidence increases, you will be able to control the motorcycle in a better way, more control leads to more confidence which leads less fear.


Tip 2

The next step is to learn to ride it with help of an experienced instructor. This step is really important if you want to be a fearless rider, once you purchase a motorcycle, you need to, as per riding skill level, invest in  training sessions with experienced rider, good quality training given by a professional instructor goes a long way in increasing your confidence in handling a motorbike, lot of people skip this step especially in our country, try to learn by themselves, and then create nuisance on the road. We recommend take professional training session as per your skill level, which can be beginner, moderate or advanced.


Tip 3

Usually we recommend you start with a beginner segment bike as it is easier to manage and ride. Once you become comfortable with it you are good to go! You can always upgrade a segment once you become confident on the current one. Lot of newbie riders look at these higher segment machines at places, get attracted by their overall presence and performance on the road, they decide to buy a higher class litre bike without knowing how to handle these high performance machines, they fail to see the amount of experience and road hours that riders/owners of these machines have under their belt before they decide to upgrade or purchase these machines. Newbies go for beginner segment machines, once you master them, upgrade them as the confidence increases, and you able manage the machines.



Tip 4 – A crucial One

Get yourself some protective Gear, a helmet is a must, motorcycle boots, gloves and jacket. You may feel that it is a bit too much, but it isn't.  This gear that you invest in is the line of defence between you and a serious injury at the time of an incident.

What we are trying to explain here is you need to buy good quality protective gear, once you as a rider feel safe on a Motorbike, you would be able to ride your machine with more confidence, protective yourself against the dangers of the road should be your top priority, remember good quality protection keeps you safe, thereby giving you more confidence in your abilities.


Tip 5 – The Most Important One

Always follow traffic rules and please don’t ride your bike rash manner. This is most crucial one everything that we have talked in this blog is of no use, if you do not follow this tip, the traffic rules are meant to keep you and the other people safe, once you follow the rules, you ride safe, it instils lot of confidence in you, which makes you better rider, makes your fears vanish away.


These are some simple tips, we recommend you must follow as responsible riders, we need to keep our roads safe, feel confident, embrace motorcycle riding and let our fears vanish away for good.


Follow these simple tips and watch your fears of safety go away, Two wheelers are fantastic machines if used responsibly,


Therefore we suggest, Ride Safe, always wear your protective gear and Ride everywhere

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