7 Quick Safety Measures for a Breezy Ride


All of us Two Wheel Nuts love Riding, it gives us a feeling of freedom, thrill, excitement, a feeling of joy. Riding is a meditative activity for some, Adventurous for others.

With all the positive feelings and joy Riding gives you, we need to remember one thing, we ride on Roads, however way you choose to look at it, be it positive or negative, roads, especially ours, “all of you know what I’m talking about” are dangerous, each one comes with their own risks and mishappenings. 

Okay, before you get all angry at us for telling all the negatives (truth) about roads, bear with us, in this blog post,  we tell you how to prepare yourself if something happens to you or your bike during a road trip. We have to practical about right!!!!

To prepare for these dangerous situations we need to prepare ourselves, rider safety is the key here. Let’s do one thing, we, “team Motopsychcle” That’s what we call ourselves, has collected all the data on what kind of safety measures you need to take while riding, guys we have done all the work, you need to read, jot down if you want and use these precautionary measures to keep yourself safe on the Road:

Shall we begin then, “For smooth and risk-free ride”, with a crappy Segway, . Let’s look at all of them one by one:

  1. First Things First: Always keep a Medical Kit: Whenever or wherever you travel, keep a proper medical kit with you, when we say proper, we mean carry a kit, in which you need to have Anti-Bacterial Liquid, spray, Band-Aid, Medical Tape, Antacids, Basic Medication, any medicine useful for cuts and scrapes, prepare a small medical kit to keep it  with you on your journeys. One option is to make your own medical kit, or you can take the medical kits available with current vehicles, either way, they will help take care of small injuries which might occur during your ride.

           First Aid Kit

  1. Second Thing: Wear extra protection if you can:  See, what we recommend is you must wear good quality protective gear when you go for a ride, but, let’s imagine, you decide to go to a place which is a bit raw, filled with difficult terrain which might be deemed as dangerous, in that difficult situation,, to tackle these sorts of terrain, we recommend you wear protective gear with extra padding, or wear additional gear to give yourself some additional protection. Always Remember Safety First, be it extra padded gloves with knuckle protection,  A Jacket with additional armour or A knee armour over your pants to name a few. These will help you stay safe during your journey.

           Extra Protection


  1. Third thing you need to remember: Always keep emergency contacts with you:  Whenever you go somewhere keep a contact list of people who you can call in case of an emergency, we recommend, you keep contact detail of people, who you know will help when you need them, no need to keep extra ones. One more thing you can do is keep a list of important emergency numbers, gather a list of emergency contacts like ambulance, repair , emergency pickup ,police etc . Kindly Remember.


  1. Fourth One: Keep a small repair kit with you: Let's say you have a puncture situation, or your vehicle battery drains out somehow, it happens, What is it you can do, in these sort of situations, either you’ll have to wait for someone, or drag your vehicle to the nearest repair point. You can ask for help if it’s busy road,, but how about a deserted road, what will you do them, hmm, we recommend, first thing you need to do, learn to fix small issues, as a rider you should know about your ride, once you learn, keep a small toolkit with you.. you can easily fix your two wheeler and be on your way. It is important you learn basic repairs, this skill along with a small repair kit will help you in case your motorbike breaks down in the middle of nowhere.


  1. Fifth One: Avoid riding at night: Are you a night rider, bad joke coming, I know you’re not David Hasselhoff, what we mean by this term is, are you one those who ride at night-time especially on highways, if you are then listen, we recommend, if you can avoid riding at night, please do, Why???? This would your next reaction right, hmm, the answer to that Why????? Is very simple, the answer is born out of an unfortunate situation, As many of you know, our roads are not lit properly during night time, they are dark and dangerous, therefore, the unfortunately, plenty of accidents occur at night, even though some roads are lit, it is still unsafe to take your machine in the night, Why, Now what, again we have to say unfortunately, we have used this word so much, the on-road traffic is crazy, they ride on the wrong side of the road, suddenly cross the road, switch on the high beams when it’s not required etc etc, blah blah, all these situations witnessed are supremely annoying and dangerous. Thus we recommend, find a safe place to take a break, rest somewhere and you can continue with your journey in the morning. It is important, now don’t hate on us.

       Night Rider


  1. Sixth One: Keep yourself visible on the road: Continuing on our last point, read it to understand this one, you decide to ignore us, lot of you will do,  we know, you decide to ride during night-time or during low visibility. Fine, then listen to us as we tell you a solution, In order to increase your visibility in low light situations, wear safety gear with reflectors. Most of the gear available nowadays come with reflectors attached in them, anyways, if they don’t have it, buy some, they are available in shop, Check out motopsychcle.com/shop, The reflectors or reflective clothing will help you to stay visible in low light scenarios , do it, if you want ride in the dark. Listen to us on this one.


  1. Last One: Quick Maintenance check: Before you take on your journey always remember to do a quick check , see if all the nuts and bolts are tight, there is enough fuel in the tank. A simple check will ensure your two wheel machine will work smoothly. It is the important part of the safety checks and will definitely help you avoid any uncalled situation. We made a Video about it, Go to our YouTube Channel “MotopsychcleTv” and Watch 90 Sec Pre Check.

        Pre Check up


We listed all the tips for you above, see we did all the research for you, for your safety, you follow, these safety tips during your journey, take precautions to avoid any kind of unwanted situations on the road. Always try to travel in small groups , it will be fun as well a thrilling experience. You can exchange thoughts, views , culture and enjoy the company of each other while exploring the roads.  


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