9 awesome fuel saving tips

Want to Save Fuel or want to save some money, read this blog if you want to save fuel Cost, we tell you 9 Secret tips to save fuel

To combat the battle against rising price of fuel, saving the precious fuel has become a momentous concern for every rider. 

We have done our research,  gathered all the must-have information that will help you to save fuel and money. Spare a couple of minutes and go through these points carefully if you are concerned about your motorbike's fuel needs. These shall help you a great deal,

Let’s begin:

1) Service Centre Choice: Servicing your bike regularly is the key to get the best performance out of it, this will prolong the Motorbike’s life, Regular Service will help only if its done through an Authorised service centre.  

2) Tyre Pressure Check: Every time you go out for a ride, take a quick tyre pressure check. Low pressure in the tyre creates unnecessary drag, hinders  the tyre rotation, low tyre pressure creates unnecessary pressure on the engine to rotate the tyres, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

3) Petrol filling hack: The best time to fill your fuel tank is in the morning. Try to go to the petrol pump in the morning, why, as the temperature is low in the morning, the fuel is in a condensed form in , condensed fuel generates more energy per ltr! hence giving you better mileage per ltr. Isn't it worth the effort?

4) Avoid parking under direct Sunlight: Not many of us care to park our motorbike under shade, we park it wherever we find a place. Next time look for a shelter to park your motorcycle, keeping it under direct sunlight leads to evaporation of fuel.

5) Avoid Heavy Traffic: Heavy Traffic often compels you to move slowly and stop after every few meters, riding in stop and go traffic exhaust’s the fuel quickly. We urge you to prefer a route with minimum traffic to enjoy a smooth riding experience.

6) Fuel Tank: Not using your motorcycle regularly builds debris in the fuel tank. It can absorb 'extra' fuel and even damage your engine. Get you fuel tank cleaned from time to time. It will help in better storage and usage of fuel.

7) Genuine service parts: Spending money on the service and maintenance can be beneficial in the longer run. Always go for genuine and reliable service parts, avoid using aftermarket parts.

8) Don't  rev too much: Avoid running your motorbike in higher revs, lot of people rev the motorbike hard, avoid revving the bike over the mentioned limit, it leads to higher fuel consumption.

9) Keep it in higher gear: Keep the Motor bike at highest gear possible, this will reduce the workload of the engine thereby giving you better mileage.

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