A Complete Guide on Action Cameras - Part 1

Product Review Series -- Action Cameras -- Part 1

In this series we look at amazing motorbiking gadgets, each product review in the Series would be divided into 4 parts where we answer what kind of the Gadgets are available, How do they work, where to use them & how do you decide which one to buy.

Let’s start by selecting some cool gadgets;


The first one we should review: is off Course Action Cameras

Part 1:  What is an action camera?

action camera 

DSLR cameras? Nah! What we need is a small portable camera which takes high resolution pics, record high quality videos, should be portable enough to carry anywhere.


Where do we begin, let’s begin the intro with a small company called Gopro (pun);

Gopro was one of first companies to create a demand for this category. They developed a portable camera which was weatherproof, portable, strong, took high quality pics, recorded full HD videos.

Initially, the camera was developed for outdoor adventure, sports enthusiasts and athletes. Within no time, It became an instant hit among adventure enthusiasts, they started using the device to log their activities in real time videos. In Later years saw a video revolution emerge from the shadows, everyone was making videos, this revolution made the demand for portable action cameras reach new heights. 

Over the years, there is a continuous surge in demand for these cameras, lot of companies have joined the bandwagon to make similar line up of cameras. Today’s Video Crazy generation use action camera to record their activities whether it is outdoor or indoor, then upload the recorded video in various social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Due to the recent surge in demand, lot of riders in our Industry, be it professionals & companies have picked up on the trend, they are now using action cameras in many different ways possible.

The Use:

As they are meant to record action shots, they can be attached to a lot of places, you can attach it to a helmet, fuel tank, handlebar of a two wheeler. You can record high quality videos of your ride or film a review video of your choice, the options are endless. 

The latest versions of action cameras are loaded with amazing features, the new Gopro Hero Series for example, now records 4K videos, is fully waterproof, takes voice commands and has a touch screen display.

The camera allows the two wheeler riders to shoot, record & share their ride experience with everyone; the videos are recorded in high quality HD or 4K format. The saved files can be easily shared on social media with your friends. Riders can also make professional videos in real-time using an action camera.

What we recommend you is to go ahead, purchase an action camera for yourself, if you haven’t done it till now, whether you are a two wheeler rider or an adventure enthusiast, you will love the ownership experience associated with the camera.


Let’s list some the best features built in most action cameras today:

  1. HD and 4K recording
  2. Detachable mounts
  3. Water resistance
  4. Touchscreen operation
  5. Easy user interface
  6. Video stabilisation
  7. Instant sharing utility on multiple social platforms
  8. Compact Size


We Recommend; if there is no budget constraint, go for Gopro Hero Black Series, you can’t go wrong.

If budget is an issue you can look at these: 

Drift stealth 2


Sony AS50

Sony FDR X1000V/W 4 K action cam

Polaroid Cube

Garmin Virb


Tom Tom Bandit

Olympus TG Tracker

Veho Muvi K Series

Nikon Keymission 360

Kodak SP 360


iSAW edge

ion AIR PRO 3

Contour Roam 3


Xioyi Yi

Rollei action cam 420

Campark ACT73

Icefox Wiki Action cam


We end the basic Introduction, as we move on to the Part 2 on how they work; Stay Tuned

Be safe, confident and enjoy the ride! 

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