A Complete Guide on Helmets - Part 1


In this series we will look at the all-important protective gear segment, The Series will be divided into 3 parts, The Product, Technical Specs, and How do you decide which one to Buy.


Part 1: What is a Motorbiking Helmet?

Helmet is the most essential protective gear for a rider. The primary purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect a rider’s head from a major injury in case of a road mishap. Along with protection against injuries, good quality helmet’s provide features such as additional ventilation ducts, UV protection visor, intercom panels, additional padding to name a few.


Few things to keep in mind while purchasing a helmet.

  1. Buy your helmet from a reputed brand, do not compromise on quality.
  2. Build quality should be safety standard mark.
  3. Look for the safety standard mark before you purchase a helmet. In India we have: IS4151 or ISI mark. Majority of international brands use different safety standards defined in their respective countries, DOT standard is used in (North America), ECE (European safety standards) is used all over Europe and Snell standard mark is used in lot of countries all over the world.
  4. Make sure the helmet your wear covers your head completely, select an accurate size, it will provide you maximum protection to your head.
  5. Carefully scan through other features which might affect your eventual decision – brand, design, cost and availability.
  6. Your riding style – A big factor

Let’s look variety of riding styles;

Riding Styles

Now that we have explained riding styles, let’s look the variety of helmets available in the market;

 Helmet Guide

Our Recommendation:

1. Full Face 

Our Recommendation: We recommend a full face helmet, they provide maximum protection to the riders.


2. Modular 

Our Recommendation: A modular helmet provides good enough protection, the modular design gives an additional option to wear the helmet,if you ask us, we still prefer a full faced helmet.


3. Open Face

Our Recommendation: We do not recommend these helmets, they offer less protection.


4. Half Helmet

Our Recommendation: They lack lot of basic safety features. Not recommended by us.


5. Motocross (off-road)

Our Recommendation: Buy them if you’re into off road riding or motocross racing.


6. Dual sport

Our Recommendation: A Dual Sport helmet provides good enough protection, we still prefer a full faced helmet.

Most riders have their own preference of brand based on various factors such as price, design, fit, availability etc; To help you out; we are providing you a list of international Helmet Manufacturing brands along with as some Indian brands. You can’t go wrong with either of these, they are all well establish brands with their own line of high quality safety standard mark approved helmets;


Some International helmet brands listed below:










Troy lee designs

Fox racing

Fly racing


Joe Rocket






How can we forget Indian Brands?

Steelbird – Recommended



As We Wrap Up the Basic Introduction, We Move on to the Part 2 to know how they work; Coming Soon; Stay Tuned

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