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custom carry pouch

Riders carry lot of small accessories nowadays, while it is advisable to carry accessories, the problem stems from the fact, there no space to keep them in the motorbike itself, more often than not most accessories end up in the main bagpack, creating problem for the riders.

To use them, riders constantly fiddle with their bagpack multiple times in uncomforatable positions throughout the Ride. With All this fiddling, it becomes a tough ask for a rider to concentrate on the Joys on Riding. 

We at motopsychcle.com want all of you to enjoy your Bike ride and stay focused on the road. To solve this messy situation, we have a simple yet useful solution:

A Custom Carry Pouch

Made out of tanned vegetable leather, the pouch allows the rider to carry lot of small accessories for quick use. Carrying this pouch along allows the rider to access the frequently used accessories faster in an easy and subtle way.

You can utilise the Custom pouch to carry:

-- Papers

-- Small Tools

-- Action Cameras

-- Wires and Cables


Product Specs are highlighted here

Material -- "Hand crafted tanned leather Mid-sized belt pouch to carry small accessories.

      Use -- Easily Wearable and removable without removing belt.

  Colour -- Comes in light brown colour.

     Size -- 5"x6"x1.5”

 Weight -- 111 gm


Note: This is a custom product made on special order, since it’s a custom product, the above-mentioned specifications might vary from customer to customer, these are the generic specifications of the current product mentioned in the blog, To order yours, check the Custom Gear section of our Website, https://www.motopsychcle.com/avail-services/custom-work/need-custom-gear.html and tell us your Custom Requirements.


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