Accidents and High Beam?

accidents and high beam

Small Prologue (Incident):

“Once I got blinded! Then my vision came back “

It took around 40 seconds for me to realise what I saw. A rider kept his headlight’s high beam on and blinded me. Goodness gracious that i wasn’t hit or else with humanly powers bestowed upon me (Hush! My humble fingers),I would have duly added above “and I felt that I was ...dying.”

Well I am quite alive, well and in full force to poke your psyche with the next rhyme dedicated to the notorious 'raging headlights' which most half-baked motorcycle riders keep it on. all the time.


Pitch black night sky

ever you thought, why?

When god said 'Let there be light'

it became day, was the logic, right?

Logic is something people run from nowadays
Sensible things are less than our heydays

Motorcycle riding gives a feeling of swagger

its raging headlights pierces like dagger


You ride and ride on the road

you twist and turn in your mode

city lights are heavy on the way

visibility is clear anyway

Yet people are devil inside

hope you not at front coz vision no wide

They keep their raging headlights on

They blind you mad and still blaze on


Danger bells ring like crazy

High beam low beam makes vision hazy

Headlights are meant to just look

Yet devils misuse and they get book


Oh riders! Beware of what you do!

Don’t just flash but take a deep look

while you ride on highway, it’s okay

for high beam. But choose low beam

when city is close use low beam we say.


People always realise at peril

That don’t encourage their own devil

Try to remember lives are important

A luminescent ray can also

kill in variant.


Important Message:


So, question your own motopsyche, “Will you still continue doing this?” A humble request to all that keep riding but be aware all around yourself.


Don’t Use High Beam when there is enough light as it blinds the rider from seeing the vehicle in front, it leads to lot of accidents. We request you all to switch off the High Beam;

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