Amazing fun facts about motorcycles

We tell you some cool useless fun facts about your beloved motorbike

Let’s not waste time and get to it,

So many Facts:

^ How many motorcycles does it take to fill up the same parking space for a single car? Around eight motorcycles.

^ American Talk show host Jay Leno owns more than 100 motorcycles

^Lot of Celebrities are true blue motorcycle fanatics, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Matt le Blanc, John Abraham, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Tom cruise, Evan McGregor to name a few.

^Keanu reeves owns a Motorcycle company “Arch Motorcycles”.

^World’s longest Motorcycle was made by Bharat Singh Parmar from Gujrat India in 2015 according to the official; Guinness Book of Records.

^The motorbike tyres are not made of Natural Rubber, instead they are made of synthetic rubber mixed with other compounds to give them better stability.

^Easy Rider is the most famous Motorbike movie of all time, some of the other ones include Biker Boyz, Wild Hogs

^Dodge (A car company) sold 10 pieces of Motorbike called Tomahawk.

^Isle of Mann TT is the most dangerous Road Race in the World

^Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the fastest production motorcycle in the world, with an estimated speed of 400 kms/hr.

^The MTT turbine Bike is the most expensive motorbike in the world, it’s powered by a Rolls Royce turbine jet helicopter Engine.

^Motorcycle is main form of transport for most people in developing nations due to its low maintenance cost.

^ Honda Cub is the Highest ever selling Motorbike in the world.

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