Bajaj Chetak EV 2.0 Review

Bajaj Chetak, an iconic and a legendary name in the two-wheeler segment, is all set to make it’s comeback in an Electric version. As soon as Bajaj Auto announced the launch of Bajaj Chetak, it brought back nostalgic memories for the older generation. During the 1970s and 80s, the popularity of Bajaj Chetak was unmatched. To enlighten the current generation about this iconic two-wheeler, we are going to have a glance at the iconic journey of Bajaj Chetak from its inception to rebirth.

Launched in the year 1972, Bajaj Chetak was named after the legendary brave horse of Maharana Pratap. Bajaj Chetak was developed by modifying the Italian Vespa Sprint. It was made possible as Bajaj Auto had a technical alliance with Vespa.

In years to come, Bajaj Chetak proved to be an affordable means of transport for families across the country, and people lovingly called it “Hamara Bajaj.” With time, the popularity of Bajaj Chetak reached its peak. Chetak was riding on such a high, Bajaj faced a difficult time meeting the market demand of the coveted scooter. At one point, the demand was overwhelmingly higher than the supply and hence, people had to wait for almost a decade for the delivery of Bajaj Chetak.

Bajaj Quickly realised this, and ramped up the production, then things started to change in the early 1990s and Bajaj Chetak scooters were easily available right off the shelf. People no longer had to wait to ride home their Bajaj Chetak. However, in the late 90s, various Japanese motorbikes like the Suzuki and Kawasaki were introduced.

Gradual Environmental norm brought about a change where new breed of vehicles were introduced, easy to ride, more economical, made sense for lot of buyers who were coming up in the generation.

All these factors led to an eventual decline of Chetak in 2006.

Then Came 2019, with a Revival News, it broke the internet, a familiar name was coming with a New Avatar.

Chetak 2.0

The revival of Bajaj Chetak was always on the cards, with the recent announcement made by Bajaj Auto, happy days are soon to come for the lovers of Bajaj Chetak. The new models of Bajaj Chetak, the Urbane and the Premium (both electric) would be priced at around Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.15 lakh ex-showroom respectively. Bajaj has begun accepting bookings for the Chetak on its website for a price of Rs 2,000, with deliveries set to begin in February.

The e-scooter will initially be retailed via select KTM dealerships in Pune and Bengaluru, and while you wait for it to make its way to a city closer to you, here is the list of five things to know about the 2020 Bajaj Chetak.

Variants, price and availability

Like we mentioned above, the Chetak is available in two models – Urbane and Premium. The former is the base model and it’s available in two colour variants and gets a drum brake at both ends. Meanwhile, the Premium model offers a metallic finish on its four colour schemes, gets a stitched pattern on the seat and a disc brake at the front. For reference, the Ather 450, which will be the Chetak’s closest rival, is priced at Rs 1.13 lakh (on-road, Bengaluru).

The scooter will be sold via existing KTM dealerships, and at the moment, the initial list consists of five in Pune and 13 in Bengaluru.

The Quality of the EV Scooter

The Chetak is positioned as a premium product and extra attention has been paid to smaller details like the ‘feather touch’ switchgear, full-LED lighting, digital console and high quality of materials used in areas like the mirror stalks, side stand and flush-fitting pillion foot pegs. The Chetak is also one of the few scooters in India to be offered with a metal body. The lack of visible joints on the body panels is also quite impressive – the entire rear looks like a single unit, giving the scooter a high-end appearance.

Smart features

The Chetak gets a round, simple-looking LCD display that merges into its retro design quite well. But don’t be deceived by its appearance because it does have a fair number of features and tricks up its sleeves to offer.

The unit is smartphone compatible and you can access it via an app. The app gives you access to navigation, tracking features, vehicle and battery statistics, and safety features like phone notifications for when there’s an alteration in the charging or if the vehicle is moved when locked. However, it has to be said that the data connection required for the smartphone app-related functions is free only for the first year.

Range and Performance

The Chetak uses a 3.8kW/4.08kW (continuous/peak) electric motor that can propel the scooter to a top speed of 60kph. The e-scooter also has two riding modes – Eco and Sport – and has a reverse assist feature as well.

The battery pack features an IP67-rated, lithium-ion non-swappable battery with a maximum capacity of 3kWh. A full charge will supposedly take 5 hours, while a one-hour charge recharging the battery by 25 percent. Bajaj claims that the Chetak is capable of a real-world range of 85km and 95km in Sport and Eco modes, respectively.

The scooter has an in-built charger and the vehicle can be charged by plugging into a regular 5-ampere home power outlet. While there is no DC fast charging feature, Bajaj is offering a home-charging station with the purchase of the scooter.

Retro Looks and Styling

It doesn't take more than a glance to realize that Bajaj has taken the retro-styling route with their new electric scooter. While the design fits the retro Chetak nameplate, Bajaj missed an opportunity to debut a completely new styling direction to match its electric underpinnings. That’s not saying that the Chetak doesn’t look appealing; far from it actually – it is quite pretty.

The curvy bodywork, multi-spoke wheels and contoured seat work in harmony to create what looks like a timeless design. That said, just as the original Chetak was based off the Vespa Sprint, the new-age Chetak echoes modern-era Vespas, even though this one has nothing to do with the Italian brand.

Final Conclusion:

With electric vehicles gaining more and more popularity these days, Bajaj Chetak EV stands a great chance of regaining its past glory in the upcoming decade.

We Will Review the Chetak Soon, Watch Out for this space Soon.

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