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We are here to give you awesome, simple low-cost DIY tips to clean, work on and maintain your ride on a daily basis.

Let’s dwell into today's Tip of the Day: You can Rub a potato over the Helmet Visor.

How Does it Help;

If you decide to Ride your Machine during a rainfall, Rubbing a Potato on the Visor from both Sides makes the Vision of the Rider Clearer, the starchy properties of the Potato does not allow the water to settle on the external surface of the Visor, If you Rub the potato inside the Visor, this will to help you negate fogging which happens inside the helmet.

A Disclaimer;

Btw Before we give you the Instructions; Let us Remind you, this Hack Works in Mild/low Level of Rain, if the Rainfall is Excessive we recommend you avoid Riding till the Rain Stops.

After the Disclaimer, Some Instructions on How to Perform the Hack;


^Rub the potato inside and outside the Helmet Visor

^Leave it for a minute

^Clean the Visor with a clean cloth

  Once you Clean the Visor, it will give Slippery Shine, which indicates the rub has been applied.

To Sum it Up;

Though it is a Useful Hack, We Urge to Tread Caution, Read our Disclamer Above. 

Let us know if this works,

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