Do We Really Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules

India is a very diverse country, so are its roads which are overcrowded with diverse vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, farm vehicles (tractors etc.), along with bicycles, rickshaws (three wheeled passenger cart), motorcycles and pedestrians. Even vendors and roadside stalls could be easily spotted encroaching on the road. With a variety of vehicles and different commuters, it becomes imperative to design specific rules to be followed while using the road in order to ensure safe transit for everyone.

Traffic Rules are defined rules and regulations formed by the government and other relevant agencies for the safety and convenience of daily road commuters and other travelers. Some rules vary for different types of road users i.e. cyclists, pedestrians, car drivers etc., while some are common. Whatever the rule may be, it is formed with just one prime objective – to ensure the safety of all road users.

Do we really follow traffic rules?

Well in totality, Absolutely not.

We often hear about different forms of road accidents because of someone who recklessly drove his/her vehicle, over-speeding, and the list goes on. It is the people who make these dumb mistakes and then blame our government for not providing sufficient funds to spend on widening of roads, improve the traffic system, existing infrastructure or for providing the best walkie-talkie or radar speed gun for law enforcement. But we as citizens, often forget that we also need to play an important role in this process,  though we do not deny the importance of structural change, there is also a need for behavioral change, thus we should not put all the blame to our government.

We Ignore so many basic rules!

According to law, we in India drive on the left, but given our needs, necessities and good old habits, we drive anywhere and everywhere. We are supposed to overtake from the right, but by usage we overtake from any side that gives us the hope to squeeze through. We are advised to give way to the traffic on our right, but by usage of our right we give way to nobody.

By rules, we are supposed to slow down when the traffic light goes orange before it turns red, but for us, it’s time to accelerate even harder. Just think about it, when was the last time you saw a Zebra Crossing? The answer would be “never” as you were parked on it while desperately waiting for the final 10 seconds to rush when the light goes green.

Dare point out the transgressor and you’ll will receive is a choice of profanity in the local dialect at the least. I haven’t even added the drink and driving as it’s a whole another story.


Why do we have to follow Traffic Rules?

Because It’s Common Sense. Traffic laws are meant to prevent riders/drivers of vehicles from causing accidents or hurting pedestrians. They’re also designed to help control the flow of traffic, so that precious time is not wasted on the road, which we fret about all the time.

Our reluctance to follow the road traffic rules is why road accidents in India claim 400 lives every day. These Fatalities occur due to – over speeding, jumping signals, overloaded commercial vehicles, overcrowded passenger vehicles, not wearing safety gear etc. In all of this, the most vulnerable lot are the two-wheeler riders and pedestrians.

What we have figured out in our research is, “To save time” is the Culprit keyword here, this is the insane reason why laws are broken everywhere on the road. People just want to get to places faster. It sounds really weird, people breaking traffic rules to reach on time, wouldn’t it be a better option improve your schedule, rather than acting like speed devil on the road, but we know sure devils are always present around us.

Ask yourself this, next time you break a traffic law or even think about breaking any law.

How much time did you save? a few minutes. It is surprising that a few minutes of patience can decide whether you’ll live or not and it’s all in your hands. Is it worth the risk?

There is no point denying that it is the government’s role to provide us good road and road signs. But if we as citizens do not follow these traffic rules ourselves, how can the government ever guarantee our safety?

Despite these hazards, we continue to ride with risk, and going by the increasing number of vehicles added every day, we are still prepared to take the road risks with supreme confidence that "it" won’t happen to us.

Yes, we may excuse ourselves for not knowing the standard safety measures, but we have to grow up! We are not children anymore to not understand a social contract. A little bit of A-B-C’s and a little common sense will do.

Spreading Awareness Everywhere

Even though many understand the severity of following traffic rules, it is still a rare thing to witness someone actually following it. Road safety and rules could be started as a subject in schools and professional courses. Use of print and electronic media could also be vital tool in raising awareness. Any message sent by celebrities, through print or electronic media will have greater influence on the attitude of people. A mandatory training session for are new driving license holders, on road safety and rules too will help in raising awareness. The government tries it’s best to take care of its citizens, but it is equally our responsibility to follow them and be aware.

Laws have always been there but their non-observance has been made a mockery by the defaulters. To have a policeman at every cross-section is just not possible and even more impossible it is to have a policeman every inch of the way. Although, we do have speed cams and are improving our infrastructure, but accidents are something we can’t avoid. And yet, ensuring the certainty of punishment of every offender is the only way that our roads will become safer for travel.

A change in behavior of national proportion is definitely called for, but who or what will trigger this superhuman conversion?

It happens only through hard work, culminating in faultless punishment and by spreading awareness. We through our medium, are trying to spread this awareness about traffic rules, but we also ask for your help, to spread this message and inculcate this habit of following rules to your friends, family and to those you meet on the road.

Stop accidents before they stop you.,follow traffic rules, it will save your future.

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