Donorcycle - a Secret Motorcycling Phrase Revealed !!!!!


Before we start.

Let us ask you all a Question: When an accident Happens? Who do you think is the Real Culprit? Is it Motorcycle or Rider?

Think over it, comment below, in the meanwhile let us take up this topic;

Have you heard this phrase; “Don't ride a bike, it can kill you ... for sure”.

What did you feel when you read this statement? Chill through your spine? Goosebumps? Or uhhhh?

When we talk about safety, motorcycle riding divides people. Some are into safe riding while some are like 'Gung Ho', daring yet brash and careless. Safe rider lives longer. Gung ho leads to CRAASSH get the gist.

We like to explore a strange safety related term in this short blog. Yesterday we came across a reddit post of a guy (name showed *deleted* near submitted tag), a term “Donorcycle” caught our curiosity. An intriguing fact about the term is, it’s been used by medical personnel (mostly in USA and Europe) despite few people finding it stupid. Yet this “Donorcycle” term has something which we must explore, 'Psychcle' style.


The official explanation as per the internet?

Wikipedia defines it as “A motorcycle ridden by someone who is likely to die due to either recklessness or the inherent risk of riding a motorcycle.” Simply put, when rider is reckless than the motorcycle is called “Donorcycle”.

A brilliant entity by the name of ‘common sense' would emerge from your shadow and would ask, “Why 'donor'?” Well, describes the term as “Any grossly overpowered motorcycle, considered likely to land an inexperienced rider's organs in someone else's body. (emergency-room slang for "the motorcycle crashed by the patient now on the table.") Apparently when you die like this, only way you can redeem yourself is through donating the body organs. 

Let me urge your psyche a little bit and ask you – when you drive recklessly, does 'death' come to your mind? Or the notion of 'thrill seeking' clouds it?

Donorcycle should be best described as motorcycles been ridden by possible organ 'donors'. This is because it’s in the hand of the riders how they ride. If an amateur rider would ride a powerful litre superbike without proper training, mishaps are always certain. To give you a simple answer to the question we had in the beginning of the blog, the term “ Donorcycle” was derived by the people who have lost their lives in motorbike accidents. It become accidental term with organ donors. 

If we tie this term with the Question we had asked Earlier, the term "Donorcycle" shatters the answer to the Question as well, to put it simply, please don’t blame the motorcycles. The decision of risking his own life is of the rider's and rider's only.


Our closing opinion to wrap it up:

If you explore the safety aspect, motorcycles can be considered as safe or as dangerous as any other Vehicle plying on the road, it is up to Rider to make sure it remains a safe mode of transport for them and other people on the road. It’s wrong of us to presume, motorcycles are more dangerous than other Vehicles, it is how we as riders manage them makes a difference. 

We as a brand will do more to promote terms like “Donorcycle” especially in our country (Unfortunately the accident capital of the world) where the rider puts himself and others around him in danger, and later on the blame is put on the motorcycle.

We suggest, instead of blaming the motorcycle, let’s educate and promote safe riding and rider safety training.

Share your thoughts on reckless riding, i know you have lot of them, if we get enough ideas to stop reckless riding

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