Easy Free of Cost DIY tricks for Motorcycles

We give you awesome DIY tips from time to time, simple low-cost homemade help to clean, work and maintain your ride on a daily basis.

Without wasting any more let’s tell you todays Tip:

Rub a potato over the visor from the outside to protect your vision from the water in the rain, Rub the potato inside the Visor will to help you negate fogging that happens inside the helmet.


^Rub the potato inside and outside the visor

^Leave it for a minute

^Clean the Visor with a clean cloth

Now the question is, What happens after that?

Well the starchy properties of potato does not allow the water and fog to settle on the visor from outside and inside respectively.

What do we Recommend:

We recommend you can use this trick, it actually works, but if there is pouring rain, we suggest you take a pit stop somewhere, avoid riding in the heavy rain.

Let us know if this works,



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