Future is Electric – A Brief Afterthought

What is so Special about an electric Vehicle? Why is everyone obsessed about them?

Are there real benefits of this technology?

Lets' Answer These Questions as we breakdown the pros and cons of electric vehicle technology.

Why Electric?

Ever since the electric engines were introduced in the two wheel segment there has been a sustained hype, electric vehicles have become the “talk of the town”.

Ever since the Global warming amde it's presence felt, high emissions of carbon were seen everywhere, Climate change became real, high levels of pollution raised an alarm, the transition from petrol or diesel to electric engines was inevitable. The reality of "fuel might not be" available at some point in future has made sure, we make a move towards electric vehicles.

What are Ev's? How do they Work?

Electric Vehicles or Ev's are Vehicles which rely on electricity to generate it's power. The electricity is stored in battery pack installed with the vehicle to power the engine. The EV’s (Electric vehicles) run on rechargeable batteries combined in a set of electric motors. The Technology allows the Rider to use a cleaner source of energy to power the vehicle without emitting harmful emissions in the environment. Unlike fuel, which burns out after we use it once, electric vehicles give you an option of runnnig your vehicle on a sustainalble and rechargable form of energy source called "electricity".

Now, a question arises, if the shift towards an electric future is inevitable? Should we start buying electric Vehicles?

We like to start with a blunt statement, unless you have no concern for the environment or technological advancements is of no interest to you, we can’t see any reason for you to shift towards electric as of now.

For the rest of us, sane people, as much we love the growl, twisting the throttle, insane power, madness of a petrol or a diesel engine, Btw, “a small anecdote here, electric vehicles are actually faster than the petrol counterparts if done right, the torque and the power delivery is there right from the start, unlike a petrol based engine where the power builds gradually”, we all know the future is heading towards electric technology, the environmental impact of the gas guzzlers are huge, we can see it now, we should all partake in this huge step towards a clean green environment. There are many countries who have pledged to ban petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles by 2040.

Electric vehicles are not only used as an aid to reduce the carbon emission, they help reduce the noise pollution which is a permanent menace in cities. You can commute at 6 am in the morning or 12am in the midnight without waking up your neighbors. They are super silent. This is fantastic, reduced air pollution, noise pollution, superb power delivery, all positives, let's go for it then.

Now that we are ready to buy, How much do they Cost? Aren't they expensive? 

Direct Answer: hmm, to an extent. Electric vehicles are a prudential step towards long term savings. As of now, the electric engines are new and undergoing regular updates, yes, as of now the cost of maintaining an EV is higher than a fuel powered vehicle.

Until Now We have Mentioned Pro Points on Ev's, are there any Cons to the Technology?

As much as we love them, there are minute cons to the technolgy, let's try to find them;

Con 1: The noise of the petrol engines is also necessary as it easily helps the pedestrians to notice, in a electric vehicle, engine noise is low. It can be dangerous if people aren’t cautious on the roads at all times.

Con 2: Electric vehicles do have high cost price, this may not suit the budget of most people. 

Con 3: Lack of Charging Stations: most of the motorbikes/ two wheelers get charged through a special charging stations, the lack of which becomes really frustrating.

These few drawbacks pale in comparison to the immense amount of benefits on offer, once all of us begin to use electric technology, in our case electric vehicles.

In conclusion:

The future of Motorcycles is indeed electric and exciting, tell us what intrigues you the most about the electric motorcycles in the comment section below.


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