Harley Davidson LiveWire2020: We Enter into a Electric Future

harley davidson livewire2020

Electric future has started, not only started, as our beloved Villain Shao Khan said, it has begun.

We will shed light on some electric creatures about to roam the streets soon, why you may ask, we start off this topic with some bad news, petrol(fuel) will dissapear soon, Yes you must have seen this info on the news, so many times, fuel reserves will be empty, What will we Do then?

To Counter the Above mentioned problem, electric revolution has begun, although you can see it everywhere, there are some visible examples available now especially in the two wheel space, let's explore what is out there,

We begin our journey with beast known as Livewire2020 brought to you by  crowd fav Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Before we begin, we must dive into the question? Why Electric?

There is a simple logic here, well fuel burns and dissapears, you cannot use it again, evetually all the fuel reserves in the world will dry, Now on the other hand, electricity can be recharged, We can genearate it again, electricity is here to stay;

With this logic in mind, We have reliased one fact, sooner rather than later future of Two Wheeler Industry will be dependent on electric powered engines.

The veracity of this statement lies in the fact, Harley Davidson, A brand synonymous with gas guzzling powerful machines, has spent nearly five years, have came up with a masterpiece - Harley Davidson Livewire.

THe Mighty Giant, Who we Never Expected will Develop the Technology, is now one of the first major Two wheel manufacturer leading the charge into a Bright Electric future With their Bike;


The bike was unveiled in EICMA 2018 in Italy ready for pre-production process, the company has started pre-bookings of the electric powered motorbike with deliveries expected soon.

Harley Davidson has been working on the project for five years, they believe it represents the future, brings high-performance electric propulsion, robust design and cellular connectivity for the rider.

The bike has excellent features which include standard cornering-enhanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control, Harley Davidson connect service connects riders with their bikes via LTE-enabled Telematics Control Unit that includes connectivity, cloud services using latest version of the Harley-Davidson app. HD connect collects data, transfers it to the app to provide useful information to the rider's smartphone, info such as nearest charging point, vehicle location and service reminders.

The livewire is capable to reaching 96 kph under 3.5 sec, has the capacity to cover 177 km on a single charge, one of the key features being,  utilization of 100% torque at any gear available to the rider, at all times, combine this with less pollution, and no engine noise, it would make for a fantastic game changing vehicle to own.


Is this model launched by Harley, a game changer for the industry, our answer is yes, when we thought about it,

For one, Harley Davidson, the company we personally never thought would venture in this field, has become the first to launch and pre-book the motorbike

Second, the motorbike is the first of its kind to be production ready, in simple words, it is here, the pre-bookings have started

Speaking at CES 2019, Matt Levatich, president and CEO, Harley-Davidson, said: “We’re at a historic juncture in the evolution of mobility, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront. Our vision for the future is all-encompassing.

“For all ages, from urban professional to exurban retiree, and from commute-minded to thrill-seeking, we are creating the products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders to feel the transformative power of the two-wheeled riding experience. These two concepts are further statements towards that our commitment to lead in the electric mobility space that begins with the production 2020 LiveWire.”

Source: CES 2019

A new age Motorbike that will trigger a series of launches, we hope this trend continues, we hope to see lot more electric vehicles in the future.

harley davidson

We will bring you the full scoop once we get to know more until then, what do you think, Has the electric future finally begun?

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Story Source: CES 2019

Image Source: h-dmediakit

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