How to Ride your Motorcycle in Foggy Weather? (Winter Edition)

As the winter in the sub-continent is gaining its momentum, there is a vital problem that tags along with it affecting the mobility of many. Fog can be a general occurrence, depending on where you live. However, it is peaking in many places in the form of Smog. Smog is denser than a typical fog due to the added pollutants and so, the visibility is even less. It has been affecting the people of Delhi for many years now and situation is getting worse every winter. We have witnessed many accidents due to smog the recent years and to overcome that preparation and knowing what to expect in foggy/smoggy situations is crucial to your safe riding.

The best advice to riders in foggy scenarios is delay your ride. Don’t hit the road until it clears and it is favorable or safe to ride. However, we do understand that it’s not possible at all times. So, if you are in the middle of a fog or smog like situation, there are a few things you need to be prepared for:

  • Rider visibility loss. Your view of potential dangers, both from front and behind is severely limited.

  • Accumulation of moisture on helmet face shield or goggles prevents your ability to see the road and identify hazards.

  • The ability of other motorists to see you is much diminished.

  • Rider disorientation with the surroundings and visual loss of the horizon. This will increase your chance of getting lost, missing exits, miscalculating corners, etc.

  • Roadside vulnerability caused if you need to slow or move to the roadside.

  • Sudden whiteout effect caused by changing density of fog illumination by light.

Some Strategies that we suggest you must follow to avoid mishaps

  1. Keep your Headlights on Low Beam: This Will make sure that the immediate vision in front of you remain clear and visible.

Use of High beam leads to front blindness as the light passes through the fog, creating a Tyndall Effect which makes it even more difficult to see. Instead make your Immediate vision clear, low beam help reducing the fog in front of you.

  1. Keep your Fog Lights On: if you Have, please switch on the Fog Light, it helps in reducing the fog and enhancing the Vision. Also, watch out for stray animals. Poor creatures are killed many times due to unforeseen careless accidents.

  2. Use the road lines: If You’re confused about where to go, we recommend you use the white/Yellow line on the road to guide you. They are visible in the fog as they have reflectors. Avoid passing, changing lanes and crossing traffic.

  1. Keep your GPS on for live Traffic Updates. Always take the most familiar route to your destination.

  1. Try to Ride on the Left: Left lane is supposed to be the slowest on the road, we recommend you ride on the Left-hand side of the Lane, avoid fast moving or overtaking vehicles. It’s better to ride on the slower side.

  2. Keep your Hazard Lights On if there is too much fog.

  1. Wear Clothes with Reflectors or a Reflector Vest to keep yourself visible.

  1. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before departing.

  1. A clear Visor is the ultimate necessity during fog. Use a defogging agent on your visor, goggles and eyewear. Wipe and ensure your mirrors are clean, when riding your motorcycle in fog.

  1. Watch your speed. You may be going faster than you think. If so, reduce speed gradually. Remember, you want time to react. Remain calm, patient and relaxing. Sudden movements and panic will cost you.

If the fog is too dense to ride, there is no shame in pulling off completely from the road. Try to park your vehicle in a safe parking area. Turn on your hazard lights if you have them. Wait till the roads are travelable.

Fog is basically dense wet mist that has descended like a cloud close to ground level. Usually, dense fog lifts by late morning or early afternoon. In such situations, it's safer to postpone your journey until it has cleared.

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