How to Save your Motorcycle from Theft

Motorcycle Theft

Two Wheelers are the primary mode of transportation for millions of people in a country like India and often an essential part of our lives.

Unfortunately, the features that make a motorbike unique, be it it’s light weight, compact size, high performance, unfortunately, are the ones which make it easy to steal as well.

To Help you Protect your Vehicle from the Visible threat, we have prepared a list of steps. The Question we answer here is what should you do to prevent your beloved machine from disappearing? 

Before we go Ahead and answer the Query;  let us be honest, these steps will not make your bike theft-proof. If someone is determined to steal your motorcycle, there’s a good chance he’ll succeed.

However, We will tell some steps you could take to protect your two wheeler in a more effective way.

Hmm; let’s begin;

STEP No 1: Conceal your bike, if you intend to park it for a long duration. The best possible effort you can make to prevent theft is to not broadcast the machine you’ve left on the street. A simple cover can make window shopping much harder.

An added benefit of using a cover is that thieves won’t know what other theft-prevention devices you’ve used, this will keep them guessing as they won’t know what to prepare for.

Cover Bike


STEP 2: Use Additional Locking Device with your Standard Lock every single time you park your bike. Generally, Two Wheelers come with stock handle locks, as per our experience, they may not be able to protect your Vehicle completely. Purchase good quality additional Locks to further safeguard your machine.

Few options available are:

Disc Locks: They are great,  not only do they prevent the wheels from moving, are small size allows you to keep them in your backpack. We would suggest you purchase a disc lock with alarm for better protection. Although a normal lock would work fine.

Chain Locks are a decent way for secure your machine, if you use them correctly. We recommend you attach them to an immovable object to be an effective security measure. Finding an immovable object can become a task and carrying a heavy chain may seem impractical.  Although, if you are ready for the effort, it can work as fantastic security option. One can also chain it with another motorcycle, making it harder (although Lucrative) for the thieves. But we all know, our Indian thieves wield the power of Khaleesi and are better known as “Breaker of Chains”.



STEP 3:  Install a Motorcycle Theft Prevention GPS; If your bike has already been stolen, this device can do wonders. Installing a permanent, hidden GPS device on your machine;  in case the vehicle is stolen,  the police will be able to track it down in minutes instead of days. These devices are easy to find, you can buy these for as low as a few hundred bucks.

Motorcycle GPS


STEP 4: Install a security camera or CCTVs in your garage. If someone steals your vehicle, the video footage of the theft will be captured by the security camera, which will make it easier to find the culprit and recover your Machine.



STEP 5: Always park your Beloved Machine in a group setting; When you travel with a group of riders or even if you are solo, find some two wheelers to park next to. According to Us, this is a smart idea due to Two Reasons: first, your Ride is less likely to be a target if it is parked next to other Vehicles;  Second, More Machines equals More Riders; this makes it easier to spot someone looking to fiddle with the Ride!



Step 6: Stay Attentive When You Ride: Never leave your Key Unattended, Park your Vehicle in an official Parking Zone, be attentive in case there you are carrying your Papers, Bag or Any other Sort of Accessories, Keep your Eyes and Ears Open When you Ride.

Stay Attentive


Step 7: Be Careful if you Share Your Ride Info: Avoid sharing your Ride Info, any No or anything for that matter to sources you Do not Know. Be it Online or Offline. Any Sort of Info Leaked can lead unwanted Visitors towards your Vehicle. Keep your Vehicle Data safely with you.

 Ride Info

You Can Also Try some additional methods to prevent theft such as adding a kill switch button or a bizarre one like removing the spark plug from your bike. Let’s be completely honest, the steps/tips mentioned above do provide a layer of additional security to your Ride, there are no permanent solutions to completely secure your beloved machine.

Always remember, thieves are looking for Vehicles which are easy targets, we highly recommend you try the Steps mentioned above, Why let your Vehicle Be One. What Say.

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