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komodo mobile stand

Komodo Mobile Mount

Most Riders are tech savvy nowadays, tech has become an important part of their ride. Mostof them like to carry loads of tech products along with their gear. The most common piece of tech among all is Cell phone. It's not only the Riders, most of us these days, can’t seem to separate ourselves from our Mobile Phones,to be fair, why wouldit is an awesome device.

Now that it's clear, owning a mobile phone is not our Problem, the real problem is to carry this expensive device, safely on a motorbike?

To carry a phone safely on a motorcycle is a big hassle for everyone, as there is no safe place to carry a Mobile Phone on a Bike.

To sort out the Space issue,

We provide you with a Simple Solution:

Presenting The Komodo Mobile Mount by Mototech; It is a strong and sturdy mount designed specifically to keep your phone safe & well-balanced during Motorcycle Rides.

We have tested the product thoroughly and concluded, The Komodo Mobile stand by Mototech is way better than others available in the market, the stand is sturdy, you phone won’t move or wobble, The Grip on the stand allows the phone to stay at one place. The Komodo Mobile Stand Protects your Phone in harsh weather conditions(Water & Dust Repellent).


To Understand the Quality of the Product; Let’s just go through Features and Specifications,

Features: -- High quality Komodo grip and sturdy lock stops your phone from unnecessary wobble.                                                           

-- Water & dust repellent (not recommended for excessive rain).                           

-- Simple assembly and strong grip.                                                                                              

-- Vibration proof.                                                                                                 

-- Rotatory pouch for easy accessibility.                                                                                       

-- Max diameter: 38mm                                                     

-- Min diameter: 20mm

-- Robust Framework: Strong non-slip polymer – lined Komodo grip and high-grade lock Grips the case firmly in place all the time.

-- Water repellent: Solid Construction with coated fasteners keep the device dry, not recommended in  heavy rains.

-- Simple Assembly: Threaded design for easy installation and release.

-- Dust Resistant: The case protects the device from harsh weather elements.

-- Clenching grip: Jaw like construction for max grip on the handlebar.

-- 360-degree Swivel: The Pouch can be rotated and placed at any angle when needed.

-- Vibration Proof: Two Foams of different sizes are included, used in absorbing vibrations for devices of varying thickness.

-- Free Accessory Inside.


Our Recommendation:

With all these awesome specs we recommend and Prefer Komodo Mobile Stand over the others Available in the Market. It is a high-quality product, which safely Stores and Protects your precious Mobile Devices in all Conditions.

Try it and Tell us your Experience

To discover the product click on the Shop Link

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