Jawa is Back: Price and Specifications Revealed

jawa is back

The Czech motorcycle brand has came back with a bang, Introducing three models Jawa Classic, Jawa 42 and Jawa Perak at one go.

Jawa Classic and 42 will be launched immediately while The Perak would be launched later. Both the motorcycles have brought back the essence of iconic motorcycles from the 50's. 

Even though Both the Bikes are phenominal, the Motorbike hogging the limelight at this point is "The Jawa 42" priced at Rs. 1.55 lakhs (Ex showroom Delhi).

The bike has been developed with Italian engineering and design, elegant sleek lines and graceful curves, gives a robust bold look to the motorbike. Other Design elements such as, round shaped headlamp, cylindrical fuel tank, several retro styled features have been used by Company to give the bike a toned, sporty look.

The new Jawa gets an all-new 293cc, single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine, capable of producing 27bhp of power and 28Nm of torque. The engine features dual overhead camshaft and fuel injection system. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via 6-speed gearbox.

Company has not revealed the fuel efficiency of the bikes as of now, with a 293cc engine it should run close to 35kmpl. Braking system includes 280 mm front discs with floating caliper and 153 mm drum brake in the rear. The vehicle receives a single channel ABS as standard. Jawa 42 rides on 18-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel shod with 90/90 and 120/80 section tyres, respectively. The bike has a wheelbase of 1369mm, the seat height stands at 765mm. It comes with a  14-litre fuel tank.

It comes in multiple colours, to choose from, namely Glossy Metallic Red, Glossy Dark Blue, Matt Moss Green, Matt Pastel Blue, Matt Pastel Light Green and Matt Blue.

We will be test riding the jawa soon, wait for our full review.

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