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As we grow, we are taught in school 'Questions are the outlet of your curiosity'. We would like to reassure you that it’s a fact!

As Technological evolution is gaining momentum minute by minute in the world, the dearth of questions is becoming less and less. Real, genuine, curious, QUESTIONS! We are not talking about QUORA (it’s the part of technological evolution, that's for sure). We are talking about researching a passion and to have questions on it! This Curiosity is becoming slightly rare phenomenon.

As a Part of Two Wheeler Community, We See this happen in our World as well. What we need here is a perspective on why this lack of research is a problem. Well if look at a chain of events; Curiosity Leads to Questions Lead to Answers Lead to Knowledge Leads to Safety. Did you the notice what happend here.

The Lack of Curiosity that is creeping in, is making riders especially newbies make wrong choices, which lead to eventual disasters. 

To Stop this We As a Responsible Two Wheeler Commmunity need to play its part, we need to encourage Newbies to ask more questions, More Answers can stop so many disasters waiting to happen, how so you say, let’s look at some Questions then you decide.

We present a few curious questions which newbie riders must Know. 

As a part of Motorcycle Community, We have decided to help the Newbies get accustomed with Two Wheelers in a responsible and safe


Let’s look at Some Questions that you might help out a Newbie Rider:

Q.1) What Kind of Bike Should i Buy?

Blame this on the over exposure of super sport bikes on the idiot box. Being excited by their fast, sporty nature, the newbies nowadays want a powerful 600cc or 1000cc motorcycle without even realising or respecting the power of a machine. We suggest taking an advice of seasoned rider, who will be able to guide you in selecting a reasonable machine initially, learning to ride, become an experienced rider, and then go buy a bigger machine. 

Make sure you start with a beginner motorcycle, learn from a professional, wear your protective gear, follow all rules, ride safe, when you’re experienced enough, go for bigger class of motorbikes.

Q.2) Which is best bike I can buy?

First, everyone stop saying the word bike, it’s a motorcycle or a motorbike, bike is a term used for bicycles, understand the distinction. Now coming back to the question, itself, since it’s an open question literally, we need more details. Tell what sort of a budget you have, the use, amount of riding experiance if any, fuel efficiency, by knowing all these details, we can recommend you a phenominal Machine.

If we you want a generic answer, the mst we suggest at this point, since you’re a newbie, is to look for a beginner segment Motorcycle as per your needs, budget and experience. We recommend you check out soon to be launched rider advice and owner zone sections.

Q.3) What is the best gear available?

Again, Lot of Gear is available, so many brands, so much choices, give us your budget details, we will help look for the best Motorcycle gear for you, If we give a simple answer, we suggest, buy good quality, crash tested protective gear as per your needs, budget and safety features.

In the meanwhile, checkout our gear guide Forum https://www.motopsychcle.com/forum/how-to-select-correct-riding-gear, Our Products, see if you like something, give us shoutout, we will arrange it for you.

Q.4) Should I ride in the Heavy rain?

Weird Question Right, We are surprised people ask this question, a newbie might watch their icons John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and a certain Aamir Khan on the silver screen, get inspired by them, then decide to ride in the rain cause it’s cool. Be it raining cats and dogs, thunderstorm or lightning, riding a motorbike in the rain looks so spectacular in the movies.

As a Newbie, we recommend you to avoid riding in heavy rains. If you decide to ride in light rain, kindly wear the appropriate rain gear, we suggest all of you to checkout our blog, “3 Quick tips to help you ride in the Rain”, we have laid some useful tips if you opt to ride in the rains.

This covers few prime examples of questions new riders might ask or should be encouraged to ask. As a part of this wonderful Two Wheeler Community, most of us don't bother to help them out. We humbly request you to help the newbie riders in every way possible, they come with genuine intentions to learn about Riding. We encourage all the fellow riders to help and educate the Newbies, right advice will help them avoid a certain disaster.

We Hope more people should take up Riding with intense curiosity and ignite their passion. Learning and educating will help the Newbie riders enter this wonderful Industry in a safe way. We as a brand will make sure that we help the newbies by answering their most curious questions?

What do you think? You are welcome to share your opinion in the comments below, feel free to share this blog in social media, other people might benefit.


If you guys have any Question? Just ask us, Or Join our forums https://www.motopsychcle.com/forum/best-riding-tips/?p=1

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