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helmet safety

It’s a small quirky rant, Enjoy, before we begin: 

A Disclaimer: - This blog has been penned to freshen up the content of our blogging industry. We will keep brewing new content for you guys on a regular basis. Buckle up and get ready for some quirky and fun write-ups.

Motorcycle/Scooter riders tend to have swagger. Why not? The mere throttle of the Two Wheeler makes the rider sooooooo high-spirited. Most of us ride try to ride our two wheelers fast, making topsy turvy cuts. “Although not recommended”, Yet we do it.


What's missing?

Everyone just tap your head. Oooops ... you have reached there. It’s the Helmet! 

Let’s make understanding Helmets simpler and more interesting with help of our Blog.

Helmets or HLMTs (NASA uses this acronym in space context. A Fun Fact :P) is the most important gear for a Two wHEELER rider. They protect you during a crash,  providing a shield for your sensitive bonehead (skull) and saving the sternum connected to the medulla providing foundations to ... oh no sorry, i.e. Neck.

To protect you head, helmet companies in various countries have to follow government approved standards, all helmets released have to pass these safety standards before they can be released for public use and consumption.


Let’s tell you about them;

International Motorcycle brands follow DOT i.e. Directorate of Transportation (USA) and ECE i.e. Economic Commission for Europe (EUROPE) standards primarily.

(These standards would be more simplified for our readers in coming days)

In the context of India, we use standard known as ISI mark, Hall mark for jewellery, even a fevistick has a standard. etc), we have IS 4151 standards by Bureau of Indian standards. This standard was issued in 1967 and last updated in 1993.

Every good quality helmet released in our country has an IS 4151 mark, depicting, it has cleared all the recommended safety tests issued by the government of India.


Now we tell you a Quirky message, please follow;

One of our fellow riders once told me story that he read in context of early battle helmets, this is where the idea of modern helmets came about;

The helmet (in battle context) protects the head, the part of the body most vital to quality of life. It is the thinking part where choices and judgments are made, where attitudes reside and surge forth in conduct. It is the part which holds knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and memories of life's experiences, that determineS the kind of life we lead. It is the part where Satan aims most of his fiery darts.

Imagine yourself on your favourite ride. Suddenly you see a devil's rendition of Ghost Rider (Shout out to Marvel fans :D). You realise that you don’t have a helmet on your head. You see his flamed iron chain twisted in his fiery hands. Only then you feel that your 'thinking part' is going to perish. The aim is clear. Crystal Clear.

Keeping in mind how important is our 'thinking part'. Let’s see how the types of helmet would have fared in this situation. Now that we know the standards and a weird though important message;

Let’s give you an idea what all types head protection is available in the market, we have identified 5 of them, here they are;


1. Full Fared:

Covers your head fully.

Psychcleview says “The best among all, we at motopsychcle recommend”


2. Motocross:

It has an elongated chin section and partially open for air flow during physical exertion of Motocross riding.

Psychcleview says “Made for the Motocross track, avoid wearing on the road “


3. Modular:

It's has a modular design where the front portion comes up.

Psyhchcleview says “A decent choice, we prefer the Full Faired one”


4. Open Face:

A Type of helmet where the front chin portion is not covered.

Psychcleview says .... “WHY?”


5. Half Helmet:

A top bowl design that is meant to cover the head portion.

Psychcleview says “Not Recommended”.


Safety should be your priority, helmets should be in the forefront of that, don’t take it for granted, be safe and enjoy your ride.

Though we could have told you just about visor, Styrofoam, safety tag and plastic but you know, every motorcycle blog can tell you that. Instead we gave you a quirky but heartfelt scribble about a motorcycle accessory. Reminder?

The motive behind the small scribble was to indicate the importance of the Helmet, though being a common topic, we need to inform our Readers since lot of us still ignore this basic gear, in most cases lead to disastrous consequences.

Final Thought: Always wear a Helmet While Riding.

What Kind of Helmets do you Own, Tell Us on the Comment Below

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