Mark Marquez - Winning is Everything

It was another Sunday in Motegi Twin Ring Circuit where Marc Márquez left everyone in awe after clinching his fifth MotoGP world Title with three races to go.

Andrea Dovizioso came the closest to challenge him, although with three races to go and a gap of 77 points to make up, all hopes were gutted as dovi crashed out of the Race in the penultimate lap, attempting to keep pace with eventual champ.

Every bit of the race was thrilling, it had the viewers biting their nails when Márquez made the most of Honda's agility to leave Andrea Dovizioso’s smooth-riding Ducati behind, he moved his bike at pace with the Italian to take the lead in the later stages, provoking the Italian into a desperate counter attack which led to Dovi skidding off the track on the penultimate lap.

Marquez said “I feel really, really good. I would say it’s a dream came true, or better, that I’m living a dream."

With this Victory Marquez becomes the youngest rider to reach the milestone of Seven World Championships (125cc in 2010, Moto2 in 2012 and MotoGP in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018). The rider celebrated his victory with a wheelie across the line with his fans cheering for him on the track.

With the title in the bag, the pressure of winning is off, most riders in this supreme position will take it easy. Not with Marc, the guy is built to win, developed with a ruthless desire to win is what makes the DNA of a Pehnominal Champion. A guy who crahes the bike so many times during practice session, only to grab dominating wins in the final race, which the makes the crowd go wild. Marc MArquez comes forth as a person who hates to lose, wants to be the best, enjoy his victories and gets upset when he comes second.

His hunger and desire to win every race, will try to win all the remaining ones in the current season. Lot of fans, race writers and legends praised Marquez for his achievements in the Sport.

This immense hunger to win makes him ustoppable in the conquest to become the greatest ever, with an aim to win each race, we'll not surprised if he breaks all records at the end of his career.  

Mat Oxley, one of the most perceptive writers on motorcycle racing, compares him to Jimi Hendrix – like Hendrix was able to play guitar with his teeth, he (Marquez) has the capacity to go beyond the accepted technical limit. Marquez is young, confident and clearly carries his personality with poise, he does not overdo, is an exemplary role model to all young aspiring riders.

Let’s look at some fun facts about the current MotoGP Champion:

-He is nicknamed "Ant of Cervera"

--Won Championship titles in all the three categories

---Has a very distinct sliding style of cornering

----Has an aggressive riding style

-----Has a dubious record of crashing his bike during the qualification rounds before the race

------Broken almost every record in Premier class race history

-------Has a younger brother Alex Marquez, a premier class rider and a Moto3 champion himself

As we conclude, we praise one of the most talented riders ever to step in premier class racing, a person who has achieved so much at such a young age & will achieve so much more in the future. A rider which continues to win as he makes his case for being the best of all time.

Is he one of the best of all time?

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