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Since the day of the early men, experimentation was a part of the daily life, due to these challenges undertaken by them, we have the pleasure of experiencing some of the modern contraptions, the idea of wheel as one of the greatest discoveries ever.

One of the most popular application of the wheels 'The Motorcycle', has been cherished and enjoyed by trillions of people all over the world. It’s still fact,  riding a motorcycle makes you cool; many passionate people are  articulate collectors of the rides. In this series of  write-ups, we will cover the coolest MotoStars who have inspired all over, again and again,  to launch this blog series, gracing us is none another than the proud founder of Arch Motorcycles:


Keanu Reeves. Yes you heard it,

Wait …. The crazy 'Ted' Logan guy!

               The surfing soaked ' Johnny' Utah guy!

               The cop 'Jack Traven' guy!

               The gun toting 'John Wick' guy!

               The slow-Mo Kung Fu 'Neo' guy!


Ah yes! After donning these amazing characters with great aplomb, the Lebanese-born Canadian actor has now worn the helmet of an owner of the revolutionizing motorcycle company with his long-time friend Gard Hollinger.

“Riding your bike is one of the greatest things you can do to clear your head and just feel the speed and the motion,”.

The now 53-year-old can be still seen in his 1973 Norton Commando, bombing around in the L.A streets, which is evident of his avidness for motorbikes.

But unlike the usual riders who start early, this was not the case for the man who once babysat by 'Godfather of Shock Rock', Alice Cooper.  Once in an interview we had heard him say, “He started when he was 22, “He had seen a bike in Germany while shooting for a movie and saw a Kawasaki enduro, learnt to ride, got back to Los Angeles, got the first similar bike he saw, A canary yellow 1971-ish Norton Commando.

The Norton's aren’t his only passion. Over the years, Reeves used to rent motorcycles during shoots and roam around the city. Simultaneously, he's got everything from Suzuki sport-bikes to Harley-Davidson cruisers in his stable. Later in his life, he has turned his attention to choppers.

Steadily, the motorcycles became such an integral part of his life that he started gifting people … Motorbikes! After the star-studded response of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves used his profit% to buy motorcycles for all the movie's stuntmen who had so hard. Superb reward combined with the joy of giving, Neo style!


So how did Keanu and Hollinger come up with Arch?

Well Gard had said in one of his interviews,  he was not  interested in building a sissy bar for Keanu's bike as he was enjoying his own work at Chop Rod. But when his mutual friend persuaded him to just meet The Matrix star, he gave in. When they both met, their own 'motopsyche' gurgled and they hit off on the right track. Rest is History.

Gard in own words had said,

He doesn't flaunt his riding on instagram but his love for motorcycles vindicates with his own history with them and the latest enterprise consolidates his passion. So much so for the 'down to earth' and 'elusive' bloke.

They Combined forces cause of the fact, both were down to earth, innovative and passionate Motorcycle Riders who wanted to build a machine which is a combination of performance and elegance.

A match made in Motorcycle heaven literally.


An Ode to the man:

Motorcycling is a passion, in this world of posers and fakers, Keanu reeves (Though being a superstar) is a humble, charismatic, passionate and in a sense one of the truest Motorcycle Owner slash riders we have seen. Arch Motorcycles project is best example of his true passion which is motorcycling. A true global humble superstar as we say in the truest of sense.

It was our small Ode to the guy; Respect psychcleStyle


A Small Mention:

His Company Arch Motorcycle introduced Three of their 2018 models (KRGT-1, 1s and Method 143) in EICMA made some Jaws Drop. Have you seen the Motorbikes, google them if you haven’t, wow?

The Motorbikes are sensational and require a blog of their own, the coverage on Arch Motorcycle is Coming Soon. Watch out for this space.

If this legend's story didn't inspire you then I don't know what will (Just Kidding). If you too have a few stories, then share with us and you might be lucky to win a reward!

What do you think? 

Tell us about the Famous that you know and seen roaming around in their machines.

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