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iconic movie lines

We are dwelling into the world of Pop Culture associated with Motorcycling, we will be looking into some inspirational Quotes from some of the iconic motorcycling movies which will tell us about, how these motion pictures, created a pop culture impact on an entire generation at the given time.


We start of with one of most iconic Motorcycling Movie of all time ”easy rider”:

Line (Dialogue):

“Have you gotta helmet?  George Hanson: Oh! Oh, I've gotta helmet? Ha ha ha! Oh, I gotta beauty!”

Courtesy: Easy Rider


This line or Dialogue or Quote is very small in content, what's so great about It, why are we being compelled to discuss it,

First let us tell you the context, George Hanson played by the legendary actor Mr. Jack Nicholson, (who was there for the first half of the movie), made an impact, launched himself as a serious actor after this performance in the movie.


The scene begins with George (ACLU Civil Rights Lawyer) getting high for the first time, wanting to go to New Orleans Louisiana, Peter Fonda (Captain America) casually looks at him and ask’s, you got a helmet, and George response is Oh Oh I've got a helmet, a dialogue delivered in true Nicholson style, and then came out a cool football helmet.


The Scene then Cuts to a grinning George sitting with the guys telling weird stories about UFO and conspiracies, (an epic scene in itself).

Now let’s keep our focus on the dialogue, why was this dialogue, ("You got a helmet?" - and George's response: "Oh, oh, I've got a helmet. I got a beauty!"), so significant,


The understand the importance of this line, first we need to understand the significance of that time period, the reputation of Motorcycle Riders and unknown nature of Motorcycling culture in the minds of common people. The movie itself was a landmark counterculture film, depicting the beginning of hippie movement in the 70’s. The Movie depicts the free wheelin spirit of a Motorcycle Rider, although, via a controversial subject. Hmm we will not get into that, let’s focus on Motorcycling part, what does that line help signify, let’s try to dissect


The first part of the dialogue

("You got a helmet?"  depicts the feelings of a person, wanting to leave the daily grind of life, a guy that wants to go on a trip to enjoy life, someone who wants to see the fun in riding a motorbike into sunset.

This line handles this idea beautifully, in just four words “You got a Helmet”, these words look so simple, yet the context here is superb, the idea, if you want to ride, let’s go, just get a helmet.

No hesitation, no regret, let’s just go our way, on our machines, if you want join, you’re welcome. The idea of motorcycle riders hopping from one city to another without any worries or regrets is presented through this line in the best way possible.


Simple Subtle Words with heavy meaning.


Let’s move on to the second part of the dialogue,

“oh I’ve got a helmet, I got a beauty”, this simple line explains mindset of a person who wants to be free, someone who wants to break his own habits, desperate to go on a ride without any worries and regrets, when he says “oh I have a helmet”, the character (George Hanson) talks about a helmet that is not exactly  Riding helmet, though it is something cool, a helmet of a different kind that would do, focusing on the fact even though he is not a rider, he wants to go on a ride, importance of wearing a helmet before you take your machine for a ride is also stated here.

All these meaningful lines when presented in the form of dialogues had a significant impact on the generation at the time, for the first time a main stream movie had shown the free riding Hippie culture and fun associated with Riding your Motorcycles cross country without any plans dealing with issues affecting America at the Time.

The notion of riding your motorcycles across the country and being carefree had a lot of impact as people started riding cross country as a sign of freedom and passion, starting a new revolution for the motorcycle industry, there was lot of interest generated for Motorcycles and Riding.

No Wonder Mr Jack Nicholson won an Oscar Nomination for this role and came into the limelight after this role, even though he was only present in second half of the movie. What a superb Achievement.


Which one is your favourite dialog from the Motorcycle Pop culture? tell us about your views in the comments section below.

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