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jonathan rea

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As we write this mini scribble, Johnathan Rea creates history as he equals the record World Superbike Championship Legend Karl Fogarty with 4 back to back titles to become one of the most successful riders in the history of the sport.

Rea who shifted to the Ninja zx10rr, became a force to reckon almost immediately, taking an incredible 14 wins with the green machine in his first season.

In this process of winning 4 consecutive titles (2015, 16, 17, 18), the north Irish lad has overtaken fogartys win record, becoming the rider with most victories in the sport.

The key to his success as explained by him in a recent interview is having no fear of losing, he just wants to go hard and win every time he rolls his RR to a racetrack, this hunger to win and achieve keeps him going.

Jonathan Rea adapted to the green monster immediately, this use of the incredible power that ZX 10R led to the development of a fantastic relationship, the green machine was always a super powered performance, adding a rider like Johnny rea helped them achieve their goal of creating a fantastic Superbike capable of dominating the Wsbk world for years to come.

Jonathan rea is one the most gifted riders we have ever seen, naturally quick across the track, Johnny made his country proud by becoming the foist North Irishman to win, since then winning 4 titles.

A hunger to win, combined with the talent, shows on the track. The guy who hates losing, now with everything is ready for him to make history and clinch the record breaking fifth title in 2019.

We have not seen any rider lately who has taken such a less time to adapt to a new machine.

For us as spectators, Jonathan Rea riding his green machine is one of the best collaborations between man and a machine we have seen in a long time.

Let’s Hope with 2019 looming and Rea showing no signs of stopping soon, he could soon become the most successful rider in Wsbk history.

Can he become the first rider to win 5 back to back title?

What do you, with a new teammate and the new Green Machine will be able to do achieve the 5-title milestone soon?

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