Mototech Bulwark Bionic Armour - Secret Product 2

mototech bulwark bionic armour

Motorcycle product review with Product Select Series

'Be Defensive'.

This is a necessary precaution many motorcycle articles, forums and reviews would inform everyone. They are doing the right thing.

But then, there's difference between informing and recommending. How about that? promotes safety, the products we review here have become a necessity to keep riders safe and secure, bearing this thought in mind, let’s start this segment of product series with an elegant, well-formed protective gear which will make you feel stylish and most importantly.... would be the saviour of your knee.


Introducing *drum roll* Changing track *Daft Punk's music Plays ....... better. faster. stronger*

The Bionic Knee Armour By Mototech.

Mototech bulwarks their products for riders and brings their knee armour for all rider kinds

Let’s Talk about Style First

This product is roughly carved to look like to a gear straight of a Batman movie (the dark knight to be precise). The design is simple yet elegant.

The Armour is Aerodynamically designed with perfectly angled Vents for high grade Protection and Ventilation. Every Vent is proportionately angled giving it distinct look amongst its rivals. It comes in mighty All Black colour, designed for comfort as it fits over any kind of clothing with ease.


Protection – The Bionic Way!

The Bionic Armour is a prime example of Strong and Lightweight Material used in optimum cohesion.

This motorcycle gear is your strongest bet for complete protection of your knee, thigh and shin. The outer covering has three overlapped shells of strong, semi rigid, partially perforated polymeric material which shields your knee. Made with an ideology of being Strong from outside but Soft from inside. This is relevant feature in the Bionic armour, it is layered with black Polyethylene foam (commonly called PE) which is shock proof & contains extra padding to comfort your knees.

This knee protector meets CE standard 1621-1 Type B (k+l) is armed with durable elastic straps with pin lock facilities.


Let’s Look at the details and specifications of the product: -    

Details: -


*Protection: Comprehensive protection of lower leg (Knee, shin and Thigh).

* Comfort: PE foam padding for better comfort.

-- Metal buttons attached to the polymeric layer can be used to detach the padding.

-- Big lateral extensions for maximum protection.

-- Easy to adjust elastic straps with pin lock fastening system ensure a precise fit.

-- Comes as a pair, Universal Size.

World Class Specifications, if you take into consideration the cost of the product, an excellent cost effective alternative to a Lower Protective gear or a protective suit.   


External Shell: Three overlapped shells of black semi-rigid and partially perforated polymeric material.

Padding: Declared Black PE Foam.

Securing System: Three elastic straps with pin lock fastening system.

Standards: Knee protector meets CE standard 1621-1 Type B (k+l).

High Standard of Specs, material used in the construction of the Armour, makes it lightweight and extra durable, fit and finish is top notch. 


Let’s Sum it Up:

How do We Rate the Product?

Our Rating: 5/5.

A Perfect Product for Most riders, we know riders who do not wear protective gear for their legs, if you're wearing absolute basic gear like a jeans or pant to protect your leg, we recommmend you Bulwark Armour, it provides excellent protection on 1/4th cost of a full fledged Protective Lowers. 

During long ride when conditions get tough, the road itself is dangerous, have faith in product, it will keep fatal injury at arm's length or i should say knee's Length away.

Our Final Verdict: recommends you – Mototech Bulwark Bionic Knee Armour. Simply Put, for the price, it is best protective gear you can buy in the Market.

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