Neemrana Trip

Trip Route: Noida – Delhi – Gurugram – Manesar – Bhiwadi – Bawal – Neemrana

 Starting Point: Noida Sector 61

 Riders: Saurabh – Kartik – Anuranjan

 Motorbikes: Saurabh on Pulsar 150 (Blue) – Kartik on Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator (Red) –

 Anuranjan on Pulsar 180 (Black)

7:00 AM - 2 Motorbikes leave from Noida for Neemrana, 5 Red lights, we get out of Noida

7:30 AM - We enter the Delhi Noida Delhi Road, since it is Holiday (Saturday), there is virtually no traffic on the Road

7:45 AM - We enter the Ashram road also known as Ring Road

8:00 AM - We move along the Lajpat underpass avoiding some usual traffic in Ashram Road

8:30 AM - We Meet the third rider Anuranjan at South Extension Market Stop

8:45 AM - We cross the Bhikaji Kama place flyover, take a left turn towards RK Puram

9:00 AM -  Munirka red light crossed heading towards Gurugram Flyover

9:15 AM – Our group Rides on a small bridge towards Gurugram Flyover

9:30 AM - We ride the Gurugram flyover towards the Hero Honda Chowk looking at  office buildings

that pass by on both sides of the Route

10:00 AM - We reach the Manesar toll cross it from the Side

10:10 AM - A breakfast stop at the Manesar McDonalds, A popular spot among the highway travellers,we take a small break

10:45 AM - We head towards the Kherki Road, the traffic seems less, a light breeze hits us

10:50 AM - We head towards the Bilaspur Kalan Road, the roads seem smooth

11:15 AM - Cross Dharuhera, Reach Bawal in no time, riding non-stop

11:45 AM - From Bawal we reach Shahjahanpur Toll

12:00 PM - From Shahjahanpur we Finally reached Neemrana Fort

12:30 PM - After resting for Half an hour outside Neemrana Fort, posing for some pics, we head back towards Noida

1:00 PM - Reach Shahjahanpur Toll, road looks damaged in some places

1:15 PM - Reach Bawal,  road is completely empty

1:30 PM - Road empty again, we reach Dharuhera in an Instance

1:45 PM - Reach Kherki Toll by “two o clock”, riding non-stop since morning still feeling fresh

2:15 PM – We reach Manesar a little late than expected, encountered a bit of traffic along the way heading towards Gurugram

2:45 PM - Reach Gurugram Toll encountering heavy traffic along inside Gurugram

3:15 PM - Reached South Ex – Anuranjan Parts Ways

4:00 PM - We Reach back, A short but energetic trip comes to end

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