Ducati Panigale Become Superleggera V4
Published at Feb 12, 2020 | Posted by Saurabh Upadhyaya

Ducati has unveiled the most Powerful and Advanced Motorbike from its stable the Superleggera V4. It is only Production ready bike with carbon Fibre chassis, swingarm and wheel biplane wings with extreme aerodynamics.

The chassis has been optimised keeping in mind the track use of the bike. The Power to weight ratio comes in at a staggering 1.54hp/kg. This results in fantastic deacceleration, amazing and quick leaning on the bends.

Due to a 'biplane' aerofoils as the Ducati MotoGP Bike, the fairing is made in an advanced aerodynamic shape, which ensures an aerodynamic efficiency of a MotoGP Bike.

The Biplanes create and downforce of 50kg which improves acceleration, countering the wheelie and increasing braking stability. The fairings of the bike is made out of Carbon Fibre which emphasizes shapes, materials and technical details.

Powering the Motorbike is a Desmosedici Stradale R 998 cm3 90° V4 engine, which makes 234hp Power, Powered with titanium Akrapovič exhaust available with Racing kit, the unit generates lap times like never seen before on a street legal production Bike.

The Special racing calibration gives the riders access to RaceGP” display. Intended exclusively for track use.

The highly advanced electronic controls have been developed to enhance the racing nature of this motorcycle. There are three Riding Modes, Race A, Race B and Sport. The Bike is dons a lighter Öhlins suspension system with a titanium shock absorber spring and GP-derived valves that improve the damping of road bump.

The Braking is Managed by a Brembo MCS calliper featuring a remotely adjusted lever gap and Stylema® R callipers, exclusive to the Superleggera V4.

The Deliveries will start by June 2020, the stock is limited to 500 pieces.

Additional Package is Prepared for the Superleggera Customers which Consists of:

A chance to purchase an exclusive Superleggera V4 premium leather suit with integrated air-bag and a carbon fibre helmet, both emblazoned with the bike's colours and graphics. Produced by Dainese.

A meticulously crafted Arai helmet - which features

aeronautical-grade carbon fibre - offers unsurpassed protection and comfort.

access to the "SBK Experience", allowing owners to ride the Panigale V4 R, which competes in the SBK World Championship, on a test track at Mugello.

Even more amazingly, 30 Superleggera V4 owners will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the “MotoGP Experience” and live the dream of every racing enthusiast. For the very first time, they will be able to ride a circuit on the Desmosedici GP20 used by Dovizioso and Petrucci, with the close support of the Ducati Corse technicians.

Superleggera V4 is an extreme machine designed and developed to achieve the maximum performance on the track with a mix of reliability of a road legal Sport Bike.

Story and Pics: Ducati Media House.


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