Motopsychcle Story

The Statement is a outcome of passion for riding and drive to provide support for rider community in a unique Psychcle way.

The Idea:

Wanna know how we started, let's give you brief intro:

The idea is an outcome of my PASSION for RIDING pushed over the limit by the ennui of a 9 to 6 job. Being a rider myself, I often used to search for products and solutions for my ride, the process was excruiciating, the results, SEARCHING FOR LOCAL VENDORS/WEBSITES, were DISAPPOINTING. The Entire Process became very CUMBERSOME and at times even IMPOSSIBLE to get the right Products or Advice, and Even if you somehow manage to find something, issues with AUTHENTICITY remained.

The Idea started to take shape as a thought in my mind, The thought of an AGGREGATOR for Offline & Online Markets where PREMIUM QUALITY products are available at GREAT PRICES along with BEST POSSIBLE CONTENT AND ALL KINDS OF MOTO SERVICES started to emerge. Days of frustration were over in my mind AS I started pondering about my own venture. A GAP became Visible, A Vision to Cover the Gap created a desire to provide a WORLD CLASS TWO WHEELER PLATFORM in a way THAT’S CLASSY, EASY and DIFFERENT than what is already available started to fill up my fuel tank. After some R&D and a lot of thinking, I started my journey to convert the void into an opportunity and serve the FASTEST GROWING SEGMENT in our country and the world and thus MOTOPSYCHCLE was born.

After thorough Business and Design related research, gaining some practical knowledge along the way, was able to finally upload an website Psychcle Style.

The Question: Why a Motorcycling (Two Wheelin) Website?

The Answer is Simple: By creating and online Website instead of an Offline Storefront, we can share and provide a unique all-inclusive Motorbiking platform to as many people who share a similar passion for riding.

Again stressing the point, there is tremendous growth In Two Wheeler sector. We have seen Two Wheeler landscape in India change a lot in the last decade. Lots of people are beginning to understand the riding culture; The Problem is a Trusted Missing Link, which people can relate to for their Motorcycling Needs, a complete platform, where a Rider can buy good quality products, avail services or learn and educate themselves about the nuances of Motorbiking.

In Simple Terms,The major issue here boils down to a simple fact, motorbiking product and services sector in our country is largely unorganized due lack of a trusting all-inclusive platform which caters to the needs of a rider. 

The Opportunity in front of us is to cater a massive demand for Products & Services, the aim here is to create a All Inclusive Platform for Two Wheeler Products, Accessories and Motor Services targeting a Large Consumer Base in World's Largest Two Wheeler Industry.

We Have Created a Behemoth;
We Have developed an all Unique all-inclusive website where we provide Useful Content, Best Of Products, Motor Services, Tailor-Made Custom Solutions, New Content and in a urban, short, and non-cluttered form catering to specific needs of all kinds of riders.

Why Us, when there are others?

Let’s look at the Current Scenario:

Tremendous Growth In Two Wheeler Sector, with a Massive missing link; lack of resources where someone can Buy Good Quality Products, Avail High Quality Services, Learn about the Nuances of Living a ider Lifestyle.

As You all must have dne, you search for Products and Solutions for our ride, either online or an offline store, scrambling for products through local vendors and various websites. Most times it becomes cumbersome and impossible to search for right products/solutions. Even if you manage to find Products/Solutions, there are always issues with Authenticity of the source, issues with availability of the products/ Services, store locations, price, quality, quantity to name a few.

Why Us, because We Adopt a New Approach no One has adopted until now;

So, What’s new:

The answer lies in the core USP’s of our Company

  • 1. All inclusive motorbiking website: We are an all-inclusive motorbiking website, we possess anything which is related to motorcycles (two-wheeler industry for that matter). A rider need not go anywhere else, he/she can get all he desires in a Single Platform.
  • 2. Reimagined or unique: We look at Iwo Wheelers in a reimagined and unique way. Our unique and creative way is showcased in the design of the website (Each element is designed uniquely) and the combination of unique products and services we provide for beginner to advanced rider.

What are the features of the Site?

All Inclusive

  • Products Selected exclusively for you
  • Custom Work
  • Creative and Tech Blogs
  • Forum Participation and Help
  • Latest News
  • Awesome Videos
  • Motorcycle Podcast
  • Events you Participate
  • Coming Soon: New Services Such as Insurance, Bike Rental to added.


  • Creative Content
  • Dedicated motorbiking podcast
  • Unique design elements
  • Simple Solutions
  • Quality products at best prices
  • Catering to each category of Riders
  • Custom Work
  • Useful Info
  • Premium Content
  • Some Unique products and services offered

Why the Word "Motopsychcle" as a Brand name

Brand name motopsychcle signifies the word psych intergarted with motorcycle simply because were so Psyched about our moto venture, we combined our feeling of excitement with our brand name. We Reimagine and Showcase the Two Wheeler Industry from our eyes, we call it evolved Psychcle Style.

The Shape of the Logo

The idea behind this creation is to reaffirm the role of a fuel tank as the HEART of a motorcycle. The words in tank logo are constructed as homage to all sorts of Roads in the country, both Shape and Words Encapsulates full dedication to indicate and serve the two-wheeler industry.

Our Slogan

Reimagining the Motorbiking Story

Our Core belief is to present a motorbiking world in a different perpective visually and creatively.

What do we want to achieve: Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide best guidance, support, products to the riders, to create an complete solutions hub for moto community in a new and different way.

Vision of our Company

We aspire to become the biggest two wheeler platform in our country and later compete with the rest of the world, Our goal is to create a unique all-inclusive motospace in the Heart of the online world, We will work hard to become the Heart of the Rider Community.

To Achive the Following Goals , Lets Meet Our Team

  • Saurabh Upadhyaya


    A former marketing professional, now a entrepreneur, true Motorcycle rider by heart and a moto geek, brainchild behind this business. As a owner and passionate rider i'll be contributing the most to the site.

  • Kashi Kant Mishra

    (Video and Audio team head)

    All the Visual and Audio content will be directed and edited by him.

  • Sharath

    (Written content executive)
  • Saurabh Jha

    (Product Managment and social media executive)
  • Vinay Bhardwaj

    (Team Leader: Website Development & Design)

    Experienced designing and development professional with more than 10 Yrs of Experience.

  • Abhishek Jain

    (Core Developer and expert coder)

    Another one with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.

  • Tushar Tyagi

    (Editor & Animation Exxecutive)

    Talented and upcoming editor, watch out for him in the future.

  • Bharath Santhseelan

            (Content Writing Trainee)

            Talented Writer, recent joinee.

The Outside Collaborators:

  • Anuranjan Pegu

    A new york based designer by profession, a true biker by heart. Our Design, Content and Moto Industry Consultant.
  • Mark 

    A brilliant industrial designer and sculptor by profession, a moto enthusiast by birth, proud Owner of some wicked machines btw, Is collaborating with us on all kinds of custom work that we do.

  • Raphael Allan (Raphy)

    Advertising profesional with his own agency and a professional formula car racer. Is collaborating with us on the content front. Chk out his bio on