Product Review Series - Motorcycle Gloves: Part 1

motorcycle gloves


Continuing with our product select series, let’s talk Gloves:

Part 1: What are Motorbiking Gloves?

Motorbike gloves come in the category of “must have” protective gear for every rider. Motorcycle gloves protect your hands and wrists from injuries. Lot of riders in our country do not wear gloves since it is not mandatory by law to wear (Except for Helmet, no other apparel is mandatory). Even when you wear one, the quality of gloves is very basic without safety standards. We recommend you invest in a good quality gloves, wear it at all times while riding

After a super brief intro; Let’s start off with the type of base material used in Gloves:

-  Leather Based(Vegetable Leather):

Leather is the base material for most top of the line gloves. These kinds of gloves are popular amongst lot of riders, since they provide better protection than textile gloves. Leather gloves are worn in winters, they provide relief from extreme winter weather conditions.

-  Textile Based:

The base material is textile. Riders prefer to wear textile-based gloves during summer season as they provide better insulation than leather gloves.

With this anecdote, let’s discuss what kind of gloves categories are available:



With this brief intro about gloves, let’s look at what you should be considering when you decide to buy yourself a high quality pair of gloves:

Glove Guide2


With this we wrap Up Part 1: We would prefer or recommend pair of gloves as per your riding style from a reputed brand, select a product with high levels of safety standards.

With this Basic Introduction about Motorcycle gloves is over, We will tell you how they work in Part 2 of the Series; Stay Tuned

Be safe, confident and enjoy the ride!

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