Ride to Alwar: Welcome to Rajasthan

alwar trip

Trip Route: Noida – Delhi – Gurugram – Manesar – Dharuhera – Neemrana City --Alwar

Starting Point: Noida Sector 61

Riders: Saurabh

Crew: Saurabh(Sonu) + Kashi

Motorbikes: Saurabh on Royal Enfield Desert Storm

7:30 AM – I leave from Noida for Alwar from Home, we had decided to leave early since the temperature was supposed to soar 50 degree Celsius, already late I scamper through to meet the crew.

7:45 AM – I somehow meetup with crew, had a small incident in the middle, I lost my mobile phone holder, It fell off, my phone incidentally fell on my lap, woah that was a close call I headed towards Mahamaya Highway.

8:00 AM – We shot the intro for our YouTube video, head off towards the DND, wrapped it up quickly as we were already late, we were worried about the heat.

8:10 AM – We Reached the DND flyway, then went on to cross the Barapullah Flyover in a hurry eager to get out of the city, as the traffic started to increase, oh no the dreaded traffic.

8:20 AM – We Reach Safdarjung Hospital crossing, we see the dreaded traffic, got stuck there in a jam, figuring out, how do we get out of this mess on the road.

9:00 AM – Crossing, battling heat and traffic we somehow reach Delhi Gurugram Road, finally hoping to see some empty road, we eagerly headed towards the Gurugram flyover.

9:30 AM – The traffic increased, lot of interruptions, we got stuck in the jam, being on the motorbike I was able to Cross Gurugram Flyover to reach Manesar McDonalds before the crew, reached our first stop, called up the crew, told them to join me there.

Alwar Trip 1

Alwar Trip 2

8:30 to 10:45 AM: Stopover in McDonalds, had some soft drinks break, made plans, we were not planning to stop there, decided cause there was so much heat, the temperatures soared as early as 9:00 AM, had to take a break, even though I was carrying a hydration pack and balaclava to beat the heat.

Alwar Trip 4

Alwar Trip 5

Alwar Trip 3

11:20 AM – We head out to Dharuhera for some Breakfast at Old Rao Hotel, our planned stop, since we were so late, we decided to have brunch as well as lunch there, shot our segment where we go to a restaurant and try their food.

Alwar Trip 6

Alwar Trip 7

11:20 to 12:45 AM: Had some delicious vegetarian food, they are very old institution based near Dharuhera, a favourite amongst the travellers, the staff, very supportive of us, they let us shoot the video, we had superb food, refreshing drinks, water to reenergise ourselves

Alwar Trip 8

Alwar Trip 9

Alwar Trip 10

Alwar Trip 11

Alwar Trip 12

12:45 AM – We head towards Neemrana City, Alwar district, it was middle of the afternoon as temperatures soared, had to take multiple water breaks, decided to take another break in the Highway king

Alwar Trip 13

Alwar Trip 16

Alwar Trip 14

2:50 PM – Reach Highway King hotel Neemrana City(Alwar), had some drinks, sat there for an hour, temperatures were high outside, hydrated ourselves, decided on what to do, went on a sightseeing tour across Neemrana and Alwar, earlier we had planned to go to Jaipur, decided against it, since the heat became unbearable.

3:20 PM – Went to Neemrana Fort, since we came late, the fort was shut, we decided to shoot in front of the fort and head back home.

Alwar Trip 18

3:45 PM – After shooting for sometime we decided to head back home, took a break, chilled out for a bit, enjoyed the rustic surroundings, a bit disappointed by the final outcome, though we enjoyed the ride.

Alwar Trip 19

Alwar Trip 20

Alwar Trip 21

Alwar Trip 25

5:30 PM – We take a break in petrol pump as the car carrying the crew has a puncture, the driver got the puncture fixed, until then waited in the Petrol Pump deciding on where to go next.

6:30 PM – We reach Dharuhera, Take a drinks break outside Old Rao Hotel, did a small review of the Balaclava, we manage to drop our Gopro, almost got lost in the dirt.

7:00 PM - Reach Gurugram Toll encountering heavy traffic along inside Gurugram, alongside the heavy traffic, the tyre of our vehicle got punctured again, I decide to part ways, the crew waited, as the driver got the tyre fixed.

8:00 PM – We Return Back to Noida, super tired but Thoroughly enjoyed our experience, next we will plan in the winters, head towards Jaipur and Beyond.

In all, a fantastic trip comes to an end, watch out for the Video coming soon to our YouTube channel, MotopsychcleTv, we will bring you more Videos in the future where we travel all over India.

Until then We Always Say Ride Safe, Always wear your protective Gear and ride everywhere.

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