Ride to Manesar: Welcome to Haryana

manesar trip

Trip Route: Noida – Delhi – Gurugram – Manesar

Starting Point: Noida Sector 61

Riders: Saurabh –The Crew (Kashi+Saurabh-Another One)

Motorbikes: Saurabh on Royal Enfield Desert Storm (500)– The Crew on a Bajaj Discover 125

7:00 AM – I leave from Noida for small Manesar weekend, purpose was to ride, make our first vlog for our YouTube Channel, excited by the project we get up early.

7:15 AM – We shoot the intro video near GIP mall area, our vlog starting point, I meet the crew there, after shooting an intro and some pics, we head towards the DND road.

Manesar Trip 1

Manesar Trip 2

7:40 AM – We Ride along, We record some footage and leave for the DND road, before the traffic starts to emerge.

Manesar Trip 3

8:00 AM – We enter the Ashram road, and cross the Ashram Flyover, recording our Vlog, cool weather helps a bit, low traffic on the road due to the Weekend.

Manesar Trip 4

8:15 AM – I reach the South Ex Road without any hassle, unfortunately the crew is left behind, they have lost their way, not able to contact them, I start to worry.

8:40 AM – Finally the I got hold of them, went back, Manage to cross the massive traffic jam at South Ex, tell crew to meet me near Safdarjung hospital to meet them.

9:30 AM – We cross the traffic Jam, enter Gurugram flyover, hoping we could find some open road, cross the city early, avoid any traffic disruptions

Manesar Trip 5

Manesar Trip 6

10:00 AM – We enter Gurugram and head towards Manesar Toll, greeted by open skies and cool breeze, great weather, we start riding along an urban jungle called Gurugram

Manesar Trip 8

10:15 AM – We Reach the Manesar Toll Bridge, enter Manesar, quickly move ahead towards our favourite breaky place Mick D.

Manesar Trip 9

Manesar Trip 10

10:30 AM – We Park our Motorbikes parked at our McDonalds to a quick breakfast break, missed the breakfast menu, since we are late, decide to have some amazing burgers and coffee.

Manesar Trip 11

11:45 AM – After Breakfast and some film shots near parking lot, we film our shots, chilled for a bit, we leave for Noida

Manesar Trip 12

Manesar Trip 13

1:00 PM – We get stuck in traffic jam near Radisson Hotel, too much traffic, can feel the burn in the legs, heat intensifies, when will traffic jam get over, huuuuuuuuhhhhhh.

Manesar Trip 14

Manesar Trip 15

2:00 PM – Stuck for an hour we cross the traffic jam, Go Pro battery dies, we take a break nearby to charge Battery, continue towards our trip.

3:00 PM – We start the ride again, from Vasant Kunj and start Video Shoot the ride again

Manesar Trip 16

5:00 PM – We Cross South Extension and reach DND, home is close, traffic increases, we finally made back to our starting point, we reach our end point.

Manesar Trip 17

6:15 PM – We finish our Vlog near the Mall of India Crossing and part ways, say goodbye to my team.

Another Short Weekend Trip, Amazing Fun

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