Ride to Sariska: Welcome to Rajasthan

sariska trip

Trip Route: Noida – Delhi – Gurugram – Manesar – Bawal – Neemrana – Sariska

Starting Point: Noida Sector 61

Riders: Saurabh – Kartik – Anuranjan

Motorbikes: Saurabh on Pulsar 150 (Blue) – Kartik on Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator (Red) – Anuranjan on Pulsar 180 (Black)

6:00 AM – Me and Kartik leave from Noida for Sariska Tiger Reserve, encounter red lights to reach Delhi Noida Delhi Highway, so many along the way, it takes so much time cross Noida

6:30 AM – DND road seems to be empty, we clear the toll, move along the way quickly since we are already, we plan get away from the city as soon as possible.

6:45 AM – Entering the Ring Road towards Ashram, crossing the dreaded Ashram flyover along the way, we ride close to the Lajpat Flyover, bypassing the traffic below.

7:15 AM – We cross the Lajpat underpass, the traffic is not that much, it being a holiday, we cross the underpass, make our way towards South extension, We reach the third rider’s meeting place near South Ex.

8:00 AM – We take left and reach Munirka Red Light, Crossing the small bridge towards Gurugram Flyover, we expect an open road with less traffic ahead, let’s go, reach on time.

8:15 AM – We enter the Gurugram Flyover, head towards the Toll plaza at the end of Gurugram towards Manesar.

9:00 AM – We Reach the Gurugram – Manesar Toll Bridge, to enter Manesar, head our way towards our favourite rest point of McDonalds.

9:15 AM – Motorbikes parked at our Favourite McDonalds to a quick breakfast break, eating their breakfast menu on the way,

10:00 AM - We ride towards the Dharuhera, the traffic seems less on the way, the heat is intense though, we stop for a water break after Dharuhera.

Sariska Trip 1

10:15 AM –We head towards Bilaspur Kalan, the heat becomes unbearable, we try to find some shade along the way to keep ourselves hydrated in this intense heat, take a water break again.

Sariska Trip 2

11:15 AM – We reach a toll near Alwar district, keep ourselves hydrated, taking a water again, we keep riding till we reach

Sariska Trip 3

11:45 AM – Reached Neemrana, Took a Break on the road, near Neemrana Fort Palace, an old fort in Neemrana.

12:45 PM – We head towards Sariska, We crossed Malakhera, reach a small town near Bhandodi near Sariska

1:10 PM – We Finally Reach our destination, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Park our Motorbikes , Wait for the lunch, Hungry and Thirsty.

Sariska Trip 4

Sariska Trip 5

2:00 PM – Time for Lunch in the restaurant available in the Tiger Reserve, the food was simple and nice, had a homemade quality to it.

Sariska Trip 8

2:30 PM – After lunch, had a quick meeting to decide whether to see the reserve or head back, as we were late, Clicked some pics, looking forward to Tiger Tour.

Sariska Trip 9

Sariska Trip 10

3:00 PM – Since we were late, we decide to skip the tour of the reserve, we make an quick informal round of the reserve, before we head towards out parked Motorbikes.

Sariska Trip 6

Sariska Trip 7

3:30 PM – We leave the reserve, as it started getting late, we wanted to avoid the city traffic, especially in Gurugram.

Sariska Trip 11

4:00 PM – Decide to ride nonstop, taking a few water breaks along the way, the weather cooled down a bit, no pit stops for us.

Sariska Trip 12

5:00 PM – We continue to March, cross Alwar, head towards Dharuhera, we decide the next water break would be near Dharuhera. Empty roads help a bit.

Sariska Trip 13

Sariska Trip 16

5:30 PM – Temperature is better, we click and take a water break and we ride on, roads are open now, we reach Dharuhera in no time, take a cooling break

Sariska Trip 14

Sariska Trip 15

6:00 PM – By “6 o Clock”, we manage to reach Manesar, skip any sort food pangs, head swiftly towards Gurugram

6:15 PM – We cross Gurugram, start crossing the traffic one bypass at a time, thankfully due to holiday, the traffic is not much, head towards Delhi

7:00 PM – Enter South Delhi, traffic is still Manageable, We reach South Extension, one rider reaches home

8:45 PM -- We reach our Home, Fantastic, didn’t manage to see the Tigers, but overall a fun trip

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