Rider Vs Commuter: A Rant

Rider Vs Commuter

Let us start the blog by stating something important, "any person who rides his Two wheeler from one place to another

is what we call- a commuter”. 

This statement is important in context of this blog, this is the reason we mentioned it right away.

With this statement of Intent, we want to clear a confusion: Are the so called commuters the same as riders?

Let's look at how can we differentiate a commuter from a rider?

A Commuter:

These two terms are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, let’s look at an example here; we have one of the biggest commuter segments in the World;

In a developing country such as ours,two wheelers are used for carrying out daily chores and errands most of the time. A two wheeled machine is manufactured for utilitarian purpose where main precedence is given to low price, high fuel economy and easy maintenance. The Success of low powered machines has created the large segment in India and the world known as commuter segment.

The segment pretty much dominates the market, numerous people especially in small cities, towns, villages use their two wheeler for daily chores. This segment kick-started the current surge in two wheeler sales in developing countries, these two wheelers were introduced in our market to give best of both world’s - decent performance with maximum utility, 

In context of our debate, we differentiate a commuter from a rider through a simple habit, when a person whose main intention is to purchase a two wheeler is to use it for commuting for daily chores, this person automatically qualifies as a commuter.

A Rider:

Now then, how does one classify as a rider; When it comes to defining a Rider, things get a bit different; let us explain;

Anyone can purchase a two wheeler, simply purchasing a two wheeler for commuting slots you in the category of a commuter, most people in this category ride and keep their two wheeler in a garage without a genuine care for the machine. Sole intent here is to ride it daily, complete the chores, keep it in the garage. With this attitude when people begin to consider themselves as a rider, now here comes our argument, simply knowing how to ride does not qualify you as a rider, to become a rider you need to do much more; 

What can you do; let us explain;

A rider is what we call a person who wants to purchase a two-wheeler with a purest intention we call “riding your Two Wheeler”, the machine is taken out to ride the streets simply to enjoy the pleasure of twisting the throttle and going somewhere.  

Initially it’s the romance of a ride is what makes a person buy a two wheeler, it’s the exhilaration and excitement which prevails all.

Once the initial excitement reduces its presence, there is one more crucial reason which in our view separates a rider from a commuter: Passion for Riding, this intention creates a fine line between a Rider and commuter.

Please Understand, It’s not just about riding, it’s about adopting the whole two wheeler culture, which begins with riding, shifts to motorbike maintenance, continue with wearing proper gear and  following host of responsibilities which come along with being a two wheeler owner.

It’s when these small habits are inculcated along with intention of purchasing a motorcycle, adopting these small habits is what separates a True Rider from a Daily Commuter. A true rider is able to adopt these habits, absorb the whole two wheeler culture to fuel their passion for owning and Riding a Two Wheeler. 

Final Conclusion: We recommend, While you develop a passion for Two Wheelers, we recommend you absorb the whole two wheeler culture as well. Ride with your held high and take care of your machine. There is nothing wrong with being a commuter but our suggestion is be a rider. 


May the force be with you and your ride! 

With that tell us which category do you fall into? Rider Or Commuter


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