Riding Boots: The Importance of Wearing a Good Pair

Bike riding can be enlivening and stimulating, unfortunately the thrill part comes with its fair deal of risk. Bike riders are extremely vulnerable to various types of threats on the roadways, which include cars, trucks and other road hazards. Therefore, it is always advised to follow and adhere to the best safety practices which can protect you in an unforeseen event of an accident.

We as a Company, Always advise you to wear Proper and High Quality Gear,

When it comes to the safety gear the most commonly discussed as essential equipment for bikers are jackets, helmets, gloves, and spine protectors. However, we often miss the fact that our feet play a vital role while riding a bike. Just like your hands, the feet allows you to connect with your bike, as much as our other body parts need protection during riding, likewise our feet need to be protected appropriately.

It has been observed when serious motorcycle accidents happen, we can see a significantly higher rate of injury when riders are not wearing boots designed to protect their feet.

Getting motorcycle boots can be expensive. However, everyone riding a motorcycle should be using them without fail. Here are a few reasons why you should wear shoes/boots while riding a motorcycle-

  1. Full Ankle and Foot Support

A motorcycle rider needs enough ankle support ride and stop a bike. However, in case of a crash, the rider’s feet are subjected to extreme twisting and contouring. Hence, one should wear boots to protect his/her ankles and keep the feet intact in such situations.

Most importantly, your shoes keep your feet safe during an impact or in the case of extreme twisting. A pair of tennis shoes or casual shoes will merely slip off in the event of a motorcycle accident.

  1. Impact Protection

Never wear slippers while riding! It’s the most common rookie blunder a rider can commit. If you don't wear shoes and ride your bike in slippers, then your feet are exposed. This leaves your feet vulnerable to instances like vehicle rolling over or falling onto your feet. Therefore, it is recommended to wear closed shoes or boots while riding a bike. They protect your ankles from twisting and sudden object impact. In the event of a crash, these protective boots significantly reduce the chance of breaking of bones.

  1. WeatherProof

If you don't wear shoes while riding a motorcycle, you keep your feet exposed to the varying weather elements. In warmer season your slippers can slip off your feet due to excessive sweating, whereas in winter season your feet can get numb due to overexposure to chilly air and snow. Wear a Good Quality Shoe to keep your feet Cozy and Safe in any sort of weather conditions.

  1. Good Traction

It is a tendency for a rider to stick your feet out on the ground to stabilize yourself while losing control on a bike. If you wear open shoes or slippers, doing this action can seriously injure your feet, as there is possibility it might slip and cause an injury to the feet. Moreover, wearing shoes can offer adequate traction, thereby helping you grip the ground. It is essential to have control on rainy or wet roads, where you may use the boots to provide additional grip to stop and control the bike. High Quality biking boots provides superb grip at the bottom of the sole. As we Say, control the slide, go for a ride.

  1. It Looks Awesome!

It goes without saying that riding a bike highlights your personality while giving you a self-confidence. Also, styling is an essential aspect of a bike rider's appearance. Nothing compliments classy leather jacket like rugged riding boots.

We do understand that wearing these bulky riding boots every single time you decide to go for a spree around the town can be troublesome. But, trust us; the benefit of wearing these boots will outweigh the fact that they are heavy.

Your feet play an integral role while riding a bike. Hence, you should take extra caution to protect them.

So Keep them Boots on, and Ride On.

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