Rynox Scout Gloves- Worth the price? Here’s what we think.

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Hey guys! Riding motorbikes one magnificent feeling. It is an expression of freedom for some or an adventure and thrill for others. In any scenario, safety is something we all need to take care of. We bring to you a series of popular product reviews of various accessories and protective gears, so that you don’t have to get confused on what protection you need.

Today, We have Rynox, a well-known and a reliable brand in India. They have made some fantastic gloves which are stylish, comfortable and most importantly secure. We recently got our hands-on the Rynox Scout gloves and here’s why we think you should get a pair of these.


1. The “classic” look

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Let us be honest, this is one classic looking glove. The Glove blends well with any sort of machine bikes whether it may be Yamaha, Enfield or Java. There is a good amount of leather which is of premium quality. The knuckles are well protected too with High Quality TPU backed with foam. The overall glove is well padded and is very secured from the outside.

 2. Comfort

       Rynox 3 

Due to its urban/snug form, it fits really well, with a generous use of padding it feels light and comfortable. The girth adjusters on the wrists are of good quality and durable. The glove is perfect for a daily commuter and a new rider.

I know you must be thinking, it’s god-damned leather and its impractical to wear these in the scorching heat! Hmm, let us tell you, a thing about leather, it is way more secure and protective that a normal cotton cloth or even a mesh glove. So a reason to consider, then if you ask us, we will always suggest you buy gloves made of a mix of mesh and leather, although that is not the case here.

The good thing about the glove is, it has holes all over the surface which are supposed to dissipate the heat, but we all know the heat situation we live in. We would say this simply, it’s better to sweat than to bleed.

 3. Features

     Rynox 2

This is where I find things get interesting. Rynox has made a touch screen friendly gloves which they call TapFingertips™. It’s present on the index finger as well as on the thumb finger so that you can type easily. In our testing, it worked like a charm.

Rynox also added Helmet Visor wipers on the index fingers so that you can get rid of that insect, dirt and other irritating things off your visors.


 4. Protection

      Rynox 5

The most important thing one looks for or the prime reason to buy a good pair of gloves is Protection. We’re glad to let you guys know that these really feel protective. The outer shell is made of Perforated premium soft full-grain leather chassis. For impact protection there is high quality TPU for knuckles and HD Foam padding on Scaphoid Bone, Fingertips and Finger Joints which is of great quality.

There are reinforced leather panels at abrasion zones for increased protection. Entire hand is protected against any sort of accident which might occur when you ride, High Grade Protection for the Gloves in this Category. These is one easy pair of gloves to recommend to any rider.


5. Pricing

Considering all the features, looks, quality and protection, these gloves are extremely cheap and competitively priced. It’s available on our website for Rs. 1950.

Here’s the link: https://www.motopsychcle.com/shop-for-products/professional-products/protective-gear/rynox-scout-gloves-215.html

The features and pricing make these an easy to recommend gloves. Similarly featured gloves are usually expensive than this. For all sorts of riders, this is bang for the buck.


We Rate It: 9/10.

Before We End.


Here’s an overview of the feature list:

•Outer Shell: Perforated premium soft full-grain leather chassis used for enhanced protection
•Impact Protection:
•Knuckle: High Quality TPU protectors with HD foam backing
•Scaphoid Bone, Fingertips, Finger Joints: HD foam inserted for better padding
•Abrasion Protection:
•Reinforced leather panels at abrasion zones to increase protection
•Fit: Urban/ Snug fit
•Pre-curved fingers for better comfort
•Girth adjusters fitted on wrist
• Panels on finger joints
More Features
•Ease of Access: Touch screen friendly TapFingertips™ on index fingers and thumbs
•WipeOut: Helmet visor wipers on index fingers

You can also check our detailed video review on these gloves as well on YouTube.

 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzzHrpbJ7WA

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