Surajkund-Badkhal Lake-Damdama Lake Ride

surajkund trip

Trip Route: Noida – Delhi – Faridabad – Surajkund – Badhkal Lake – Damdama Lake

Starting Point: Noida Sector 61

Riders: Saurabh

Crew: Saurabh (Sonu) and Kashi

Motorbikes: Saurabh on Royal Enfield Desert Storm

6:30 AM – I leave from Noida for Surajkund from Home to meetup with the crew for short and sweet WEEKEND RIDE to closest hangout destinations near Delhi NCR.

6:45 AM – I meet the crew near Mahamaya flyover, This time we leave early, after we shoot the intro of our Video, we head towards Faridabad.

Surajkund Trip 1

Surajkund Trip 2

7:10 AM – We Reach Badarpur Border before heading towards the beautifully laid out roads near Delhi Faridabad Sohna Area, we reach those open roads, head towards our first destination Surajkund.

Surajkund Trip 3

7:40 AM – We Reach Surajkund, the iconic spot where the majestic Surajkund Mela Happens every year,  as of now the compound is closed, although we see lot of visitors there early in the morning.

Surajkund Trip 4

Surajkund Trip 5

Surajkund Trip 6

7:45 AM – We Start Exploring Surajkund, amazing place, sights and sounds, some monkeys welcomed us, along with dogs and other wildlife, we explore the Massive Baoli, a 10th century water reservoir, shot our Video, captured some awesome pics of the fantastic artifacts, nicely maintained compound, looks beautiful in the morning time.

Surajkund Trip 7

Surajkund Trip 8

Surajkund Trip 9

Surajkund Trip 10

Surajkund Trip 13

8:15 AM -- After exploring the place, We head out to our second Destination Badhkal lake which is nearby, excited to see the lake, we ride towards our destination quickly.

8:30 AM – We Reach Badhkal, Explore the lake, since it was summer season, the lake was dried out, we were disappointed, the compound was nice though, we explore the place, a nice destination to click some pics, it was a jungle out there literally, clicked some nice pics for our social media.

Surajkund Trip 24

Surajkund Trip 25

Surajkund Trip 26

8:50 AM – after exploring the Badhkal Site, We leave for our final destination crossing lovely villages, farmlands, small roads, lots of greenery to reach our final destination, the grand Damdama lake.

Surajkund Trip 28

Surajkund Trip 29

9:30 AM – We Reach Damdama Lake, Check out the surroundings, disappointed by the fact, this lake was dry too, we clicked some pictures, Relaxed for a bit, had an interesting conversation with one of the employees, then head back.

Surajkund Trip 32

Surajkund Trip 33

Surajkund Trip 31

Surajkund Trip 30

10:00 AM – We head back towards Badhkal, decided to head towards sec 21 market for some refreshment and food (breakfast).

10: 45 AM – Reach Sec 21 -C Block Market (Faridabad), Have some Brunch in Shree Rathnam, make a review Video for our Youtube Channel "MotopsychcleTv", enjoy some delicious South Indian Food, Chatted for a Bit, we head back towards Surajkund.

Surajkund Trip 34

Surajkund Trip 35

Surajkund Trip 37

Surajkund Trip 37

12:15 PM – Decided to go back to Surajkund, clicked some extra pics, shot a new segment for our Video, hang around for a bit.

Surajkund Trip 17

Surajkund Trip 18

Surajkund Trip 19

Surajkund Trip 22

12:30 PM – After finishing our schedule we decide to leave the place, head towards our home

2:00 PM – We Reach Home, fantastic Weekend Trip Comes to an End

In all a Short and Sweet Weekend trip comes to an end, watch out for vlog Video coming soon in our YouTube channel, "MotopsychcleTv", we will bring you more such Videos in the future as we travel all over India

Before We Go, We Say;  Ride Safe, Always Wear Your Protective Gear and Ride Everywhere.

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Before We Go, We Always Say

Ride Safe | Always Wear Your Protective Gear | Ride Everywhere

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