Top 5 Riding Accessories to Beat the Heat in 2019

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Summers are here and so is the scorching heat, even though the heat is Blazing Upon us, we are here to inform all riders, you need not worry. Introducing Amazing accessories to beat the Intense Summer heat. Let's jump into our Pandora box for Summer season.


Out list of Top Accessories to Beat the Heat:

  1. First Accessory we recommend: Simple Bandana around the neck covered with cold water:

An accessory which tops our summer gear list is a ubiquitous piece of clothing. A bandana is a square shaped piece of cloth, generally woven out of cotton with different designs and colour patterns. You can soak it in cold water, wrap it around your neck, for those summer rides, the cold water resonating from the bandana will keep you cool during hot summer days, no matter how bright the sun is, you will be ready to ride.

  1. Second Accessory we recommend: Wear Cool Shades

Even though Sunglasses are a fashion statement for many of us today, the benefits of using them surpasses any sort of style statement they make. They protect your eyes from sun’s glare, dust and dirt. Sunglasses are way more important than they appear to be, Ultraviolet rays from sun can severely damage your eyes when you ride in the Blazing Heat, look for good quality Sunglasses with 100% UV and Polarization. When you Ride in summers, we recommend you stay stylish and Protected, never leave your home without your sunglasses.

sunglasses for riding

  1. Third Accessory we recommend: Wear a Helmet with maximum ventilation

Riding a two wheeler in summers with a fully faced helmet can become a bit exhausting, "BTW we recommend a full faced one even though its Summers", although these helmets have vents, most these vents are not enough to manage the heat and sweat, dripping all over your neck in side the tightly packed Helmet. To take care of the situation, We recommend you buy Helmet's with Lot of Vents to have maximum possible ventilation during your ride, high ventilation will ensure a cool and breezy ride. There are tons of Helmet Options available in Aerodynamic designs and advance air flow features to provide optimum cooling and sweat absorption during hot summer rides.


  1. Fourth Accessory we recommend: Try sleeves to save your hand from burning

Prickly heat, rashes and sun burns are common problems during summers. Although we recommend Riding Jackets for Riders, Some of them prefer to Ride in a Simple T-shirt or clothing which barely covers their hand. For those Riders, who commute under Direct Sunlight, we recommend you wear sleeves to skin problems during summer, cover your hands & elbow, protects your skin from pigmentation and Burns while you ride under direct Sunlight.

riding sleeve

  1. Fifth & Final Accessory we recommend: Use Hydration packs

Use a hydration pack to cool yourself during summers, a hydration pack is a backpack which a rider can wear over his Protective Jacket, hydration pack works as backpack which stores cold water or ice water whatever you prefer, the water stored can be used as a coolant, the water stored inside the backpack stays cool for a long time, you can also drink the water to keep yourself hydrated while riding. You have variety of hydration packs available, pick and select what suits you best.

hydration pack

In Conclusion:

Summers can be a difficult season for the riders, although there is nothing which can stop a passionate rider from enjoying the pleasures of motorbike riding without worrying about the excessive heat, as we have suggested many ways to beat the heat, give them a shot, see how they work for you.

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