Top 5 Tips to Become a Better Motorcycle Rider

Better Rider

Hey Everyone, we all want to ride, why would we not, it is an fantastic activity, we would like everyone to try it, the only problem is, while most of want to ride, we feel once we learn to ride, we are invinsible, we can do whatever we want on the road. Here lies a huge problem, while we may consider ourself as phenominal riders, the truth is, we are not. This a embarrasing truth proved by the fact, India is the accident capital of the World, we record the highest no of road related deaths in a year.

Looking at this horrendous fact, what we want to do is make our street's a better place for everyone. we want to throw light on how you can ride your motorcycle in a safe way, act as a better human being in the process.

We start of this blog by highlighting key tips you should follow daily, learning these tips would keep you safe, as well as make sure you become a better rider;  

quick tips to become a better motorcycle rider

Follow these tips and we bet you will become a Better Rider in the process, it is your duty to make sure our streets are safe for all.

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