Top 6 Riding Tips for New Riders

Riding Tips

Riding is a fun activity, but as we all know, the roads can be unforgiving. In a modern urban jungle, rider safety becomes utmost important. As responsible riders we need to take care of our own safety as well as others on the road.

Lot of people, especially the new buyers show eagerness to get their hands dirty on their newly purchased wheels, they can’t wait to take the new machine out on the road. With this over eagerness flowing through their veins, they tend to ignore the basic rules of the road.

We as a company promote safe riding, In order to keep everyone safe, Let’s look at some tips on how to safe on the road, before you start twisting that throttle, make it habit follow them;

Riding Tips 1

Tip No 1:  Let’s Gear up!

First things first, we recommend all of you to invest in good quality protective gear; please do not cheap out here, high quality protective gear is there to protect you from serious injuries in case of road mishap. Lot of people try to avoid spending money on good quality gear, they think it’s a waste of time & money, if you ask us, it's not, we recommend all of you to invest in a high standard riding gear to protect yourself on the road. Put a high price on your safety. Make it a habit to wear your gear every time you take your ride out for a spin.

Tip No 2:  Please Learn to ride!

Once you are all geared up, you must learn basics of riding a Two Wheeler - you need to be aware of the throttle response, get the feel of brakes, learn the best possible ways to do cornering, be aware of all the switches, to sum it up you should learn these techniques from a qualified instructor. Any kind of small mishap can have dangerous consequences on the road, we recommend you learn how to ride, prepare yourself for the road.

Tip No 3:  Follow The “Rules” of the Road!

Head on to the local transport authority for your basic traffic rules handbook or visit respective state department websites to learn traffic rules and regulations. Harness proper riding etiquette – maintain optimum speed in heavy traffic, avoid sudden overtaking maneuver, avert turns from wrong side, refrain from using cell phone, keep noise pollution under check and lastly avoid taking high speed turns. We recommend you Follow all traffic rules to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Tip No 4: Go for a Ride!

To learn riding, you need to keep on practicing on your machine as much as you can- the more you ride, the better you become at it. Once you start to ride regularly, you feel more confident when it comes to managing your motorbike, you become aware of the throttle response, braking power, turning radius, clutch weight and other Motorbike dynamics. The experience of riding your motorcycle on a regular basis makes you a confident and tactful rider. We recommend, Go Ride away.

Tip No 5: Ride maintenance!

Once you start taking your motorcycle out for a spin, the environment takes its toll on the machine, it is bound to breakdown at some point. Moto maintenance is crucial task for every rider, you need to constantly monitor machine's vitals, examine your motorcycle regularly, prolong the life of your machine to achieve optimum performance levels. In our country, most riders avoid any sort maintenance work till their ride breaks down, they consider it as a high cost activity. We recommend, think of motorcycle maintenance as an investment, it prolongs the life of a motorcycle, makes the machine safer to take out on road.

Follow these rules, make a commitment to us?

Be safe, confident and enjoy the ride!

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