Torque: The Movie with All the Bikes

Released in 2004, "Torque" cost $40 million and only made a little over half at the US box office. It's therefore not a very well-known film, but it has gained a hardcore cult following the years since.

The movie is basically a cult action flick with motorcycle gangs, period. "Torque" is the kind of movie, which was never meant to appeal to everyone, but it got two types of fans for sure: action gearheads who just want a solid uncomplicated action movie, and smart viewers who can appreciate clever filmmaking and the in-jokes threaded throughout.

Well, most of us would fall under the second bracket since we generally loathe mindless action flicks. What takes "Torque" beyond mindless physics-defying action is pointed out above: the film is cleverly made and filled with hilarious in-jokes. Director Joseph Kahn has a history in flashy music videos and this comes across on the screen. It's pure eye-candy from beginning to end with all manner of entertaining tidbits, like the brief close-up of the turtle between the racing cars at the very beginning.

The look & vibe is pure comic book come to life. Every shot, facial expression, action scene, confrontation, word, set, pose, etc. reflects this. The bikes are mostly crotch rockets but there are all kinds. The cast is highlighted by Martin Henderson as the worthy protagonist and Monet Mazur as his babe. Ice Cube is great as the leader of a gang, while Matt Schulze and Jaime Presley play the villains. There are also a couple of FBI agents in the mix.

The Plot

Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) is a young bike racer who returns home to patch things up with old flame Shane (Monet Mazur). However, he's also stolen a couple of bikes from drug dealer Henry James (Matt Schulze) which had a consignment of drugs in them. Their dispute grows even more violent when the brother of Trey (Ice Cube, not exactly passionate about his work!) is murdered by James and Cary is put in the frame for it, causing Trey to forcefully pursue his wrongful target of retribution.

The film was missing the “Vin Diesel” factor which could’ve amped up the movie to another level. Ice Cubes did not bring that punch, although he had a defining character.

The cinematography is gorgeous, shot in the desolate regions of S. California. The CGI is dated, even for the time in which the film was released.

The film takes no prisoners at a brief 84 minutes. This is good since films of this genre shouldn't overstay their welcome.


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The Final Verdict

Even for a film which is aimed forcefully at young men who dig fast cars/bikes, beautiful women in bikinis and everything to move at 100 miles a minute, believe it or not, there's actually some depth to the characters and storyline; we see glimpses of courage, love, friendship, repentance, respect, sacrifice and loyalty. If they would have upped the depth and offered some moving epic parts, this film could’ve fared well and had a better rating among critics.

But it works fine as is. It is what it is -- perhaps the ultimate cult action film ever made for all the moto nuts like us, pulsating with thrill, energy, creativity and excitement.

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