TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty I-TOUCHSTART BS 6 Edition: Five things to know

Are you looking to buy the XL 100 BS 6, Here is a List of 5 important features that you need to know:

  1. BS 6 Compatibility Makes it More Efficient and Smoother: It is great to see a company like TVS continue with moped segment with an BS 6 Upgrade, the new update of the XL 100 has the BS 6 upgrade to make it more efficient and smoother, this upgrade will make it fuel efficient as well, since it is gearless, this sort of an upgrade makes it so much easier and smoother to ride around the streets. This upgrade make it much peppier in nature.

  1. Incredible Payload Carrying Capacity: This Moped has the capacity to carry an incredible 130kg of payload in its dock, this incredible feat is achieved due to its strings carry base, sturdy frame, tough suspension and massive spoke wheels available in the vehicle. If you’re looking use this vehicle as a workhorse then you won’t be disappointed with it.

  1. Comes With a Self-Start Option(I-TOUCHSTART): This moped now comes with a fantastic switch which can be used to start as well kill the engine once you reach your destination. The feature is known as I-TOUCHSTART by TVS, it is fantastic little option given which make it easier to use the vehicle. BTW kickstart is ever present in the vehicle.

  1. Easy Gearless Fun: Since it is a gearless vehicle, it is fun to ride, you need to start it and go, the small nature of its size make site breezy and easy to ride. The nimble nature of the vehicle makes it a favorite among the people looking for a Strong Workhorse.

  1. LED Lights in the front for More visibility: This was surprise o us as well, usually you won’t see a LED DRL strip in this category of vehicle, but TVS has gone a step beyond and added a LED Strip below the headlight to make the road more visible when you ride. This is a welcome safety feature.

These are some important features that make TVS XL 100, the most popular vehicle in its category, you can check out the vehicle in the showroom near you, it comes in other models as well, namely comfort, with special Heavy Duty edition available.

If you have any further question regarding the vehicle, you can comment in the blog, or comment on the forum, Watch the Review video of this Vehicle as well others in a series called MotopsychcleTHrottle in our YouTube Channel “ MotopsychcleTv”.

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