TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty I-TOUCHSTART BS 6 Edition Review: A True Workhorse

In This Series,  we will  review your favourite Two Wheel Machines.

Let Us Make it Clear, The review series would not be filled of tech jargon, instead it will focus on the Rider perspective and benefits, so that you as Rider could know what the Vehicle is all about.

The focus here to help and guide you as a real world user.

through this Short and sweet review series, we tell you the essential specs, Styling and features you need to know as Rider.  Time Now to start the Series


 with a Simple  Bike we could find, 

The TVS XL 100 Heavy I-TOUCHSTART BS 6 Edition

We begin the review with stating something Upfront: If You are looking for a workhorse of a Vehicle, Then you need to read this Review.

Now, Before we Begin; We Need to State, this is not a Motorcycle or Scooter; this Vehicle comes under the Category Called Moped, Yes You Heard It, we review a moped.

After Hearing the Word "Moped", You may think, who in their right mind looks for a moped nowadays, do they even sell, Why Review a Moped, Hmm;

Now if you have these questions meandering in your fickle mind, we are here to inform you something Upfront; not only is the moped Segment in demand, it is brimming with excitement, the Segment is alive and Kicking.

In the age of strict emmission norms and plethora of options, we are glad manufacturers like TVS have continued with production of such vehicles, we are happy to announce, the new age moped now comes with plethora of features and a BS 6 Upgrade.

If we talk about the said model, it is probably the best one we have seen in the Indian Market. Even though it looks Short and Simple from Outside, the XL 100 is a strong and Sturdy vehicle built to do some insane amount of Heavy Duty lifting.

It is Workhorse of a Vehicle, and we love it for that, 

Since we love the Vehicle so much, Let Us Share Some Specs Which May Give You a Better Idea of it's WorkHorse Nature

-  A 99.7cc, 4 stroke Unit which is BS 6 Compatible Results in Good Performance with High Fuel Efficiency, Which produces 4.3hp of Power @6000rpm and generates 6.5 Nm of Torque @3500rpm.


-  Gear Shifts are Smooth due to Centrifugal Wet Type Clutch System.

-  Primary Drive

-  Braking Duties are looked after By 110 mm Drum Brakes in the front & Rear. It might be a Drum Brake Syatem, It is highly efficient.


-  A 4L Fuel Tank(1.3 Ltr Reserve) takes care of the Fuel Storage. 


-  80 kg Kerb Weight

-  The Moped has 130 kg Payload Capacity.


-  1228 mm Wheelbase provides immense stability.

-  Suspension Duties are Managed by a Front Telescopic spring-type hydraulic and Rear Swing arm with hydraulic shocks in the Rear.


-  It comes with a I-TOUCHSTART Switch for easy start and killswitch feature.


Let's talk about the Tech Specs as per user experience;

-   If we talk about the engine power, it is more than enough for a vehicle in this segment, The vehicle is lightweight, nimble and easy to ride in city roads.

-   The moped is short and has a low kerb weight, this combination proves to be useful feature for people looking to buy the vehicle to carry daily chores/ commute through congested roads. The Low Weight makes it nimble, agile and a fantastic little Vehicle to ride in Traffic.

-   With the Addition of  BS 6 Component to the engine, the moped is super smooth and highly fuel efficient, when compared to the previous version.

-   Now to start the said vehicle, a Kick was the Only option provided to the buyers in the previous edition. With the Launch of New Edition, TVS has added a new feature called "I-TOUCHSTART". It is a multifuntional Switch provided by the company to start and kill the engine which makes the vehicle easy to start and stop, adding to the comfort of the Buyer.

-  It has wet clutch type, which is common to Vehicle in this Segment, a good quality clutch system has made the gearshifts smoother than before.

-  If we talk about Braking, it has drum brakes on the front and rear, although we would have preferred disk brakes, the drum brakes installed in the moped is more than capable of handling sudden stoppages which could occur on the road., trust Us we have tested these, they are pretty decent.

After the Tech Specs, Lest Discuss some Features which will be beneficial to a potential buyer like yourself:

  • The Moped has Fuel Injector for better mileage and efficiency. It has made the Vehicle more Fuel Efficent.

  • LED Lights are given alongside the front lamp, it provides better visibility to the rider. 


  • To Carry Immense Payload, a vehicle should be Well Balanced, to give the Vehicle good balance, TVS has installed Heavy Spokes in the Tyres. The Steel Spokes Makes the Vehicle Sturdy, strong and Well Balanced capable of Handling Heavy Weight with Poise. 

  • The Moped comes with Duragrip Tyres for better grip.

  • It has Large Loading Platform to carry insane amount of load up to 130kg - A True WorkHorse. 

  • The Moped also has a Removable Backseat which is extremely comfortable.


  • It Comes in Various Colours: Mineral Purple, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Blue.

The TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty I-TOUCHSTART BS 6 Edition will cost you Rs 39,543 (ex-showroom) Noida.

Overall Review:  The TVS XL 100 is easy to use, easy to ride, easy to maintain, strong, sturdy vehicle, capable of loading immense amount payload. We can Safely Say, there is no Better option if you’re looking for True Workhorse of a vehicle.

You can check out the Vehicle in Aditi TVS(If you are in Noida) -- Ground & 1st Floor, Cricket Stadium, Near, C2, Amaltash Marg, C Block, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


you can check out the nearest TVS dealership to book yours. If you have any other Questions related to it, we Would be happy to Answer them.

Check out the Video Review of the vehicle in Our YouTube Channel “MotopsychcleTv” , we also discuss vehicle in our Podcast Channel “Motopsychcle Podcast” on Soundcloud, Podbean, Spreaker, Google Podcast or any of the Podcasting Apps.

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Image Source(Credit): Courtesy of Aditi Motors Noida

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