Tyre Care Hack: How to Check the Age of your Tyre

tyre care hack

Before we start, we need all our readers to confess something; Do all of you feel irritated with screeching sounds from a tyre like we do? when you see someone whiz past you at million miles per hour, before they hit the brakes hard, skidding and drifting around, making disgusting marks on the roads, abusing the round contraption. 

'TYRES', our nonchalant victims who suffer public abuse on a daily basis, need some representation, they need someone to take care of them, We at "motopsychcle.com" will make sure you understand the importance and essence of a Tyre.

To Understand its significance; we need to give a tiny history lesson; Let's Begin';

Since the days of John Dunlop (he invented the first tyre) to experiments of Charles Goodyear (he created the first vulcanized rubber) from Kirkpatrick Macmillan (he invented the first bicycle) to Gottlieb Daimler (he invented the first motorcycle), tyres have always played important role in history of travel and science. (You see what I did? 4 bits of knowledge in one go!)

Yet in spite of its essence, people do not understand their value! all across social and other forms of media, tyres have been desensitised into just … bulk materials.

We are here to make you respect the importance of a tyre, No one looks into Tyre Check & Care; no worries, we are here.

Motopsychcle.com believes in making motorcycles - simple to understand, we are here to tell you a Hack on how to take care ofyour tyres.


Tyre Care Hack: How do you Check Age of you Tyre;

Have you ever noticed the numbers written on the side of tyre, we bet most of you have never noticed them?

Well we are here to tell you, those numbers play a significant role in determining year of manufacture, you need to figure out this date, before you select a tyre, the latter the date, the more problematic the tyre is,

We recommend avoid purchasing a tyre if the manufacturing date exceeds a year, due to the non-use of the tyre the rubber becomes hardened, which leads to poor grip, even in the new tyre.

Let’s see how we check the date of manufacture;

The thing you should notice is the 'born to date' that indicates the tyre's date of manufacture. They are on the sidewall of the tyre, other details mentioned are  size, brand, serial number, pattern, mould number etc. At this moment, we focus on the date of manufacture. (Above mentioned specs will be covered in our future tech series)

The date is divided into 4 digits in accordance to the Metric System in India. The first two indicates the week of the year while last two digits indicates Manufacturing year. For example, you scrutinize your tyre and you see the 4 digits (1018) carved on the side wall.


Weeks in a Year – 52


Weeks in Them


Weeks in them


Weeks in them


























You can take reference from the table that we painstakingly created (Duh!), you can compare the first two digits of the manufacture date. Since it's the 10th week, you can see that it should fall under March. Hence its 2nd week of March.

Similarly, as the last two digits denote the year i.e. 2018, the date of manufacture will be 2nd week of March 2018.

See, we made it simple. Now you can determine the date of manufacture before you buy a tyre,avoid buying a tyre with older manufacturing date, due to the reasons mentioned above...

Once you've learned the Hack, we recommend you check the age of the tyre.

As a responsible rider, you need to understand the importance of the tyre in context of your vehicle( in our case Two Wheelers). Along with age, Tyre care is all about the usage, Maintaining optimum tyre pressure, keep the weight off, avoid skidding, drifting and stunts.

We humbly request you to try the Above Hack, and let us know how it pans out.

Motopsyschcle.com prides itself in providing riding safety and security guidance to all our readers. We will duly come out with more content like this but for that, you need to connect to us & Ignite your inner motopsyche!

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