Ultimate Motorcycle Hacks -- Part 1

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With the rising barrage of emotions raised up with the month of April's heat, things have not been the same in 2019 summer. Pollution has increased, rising smokescreen, dust particles dominate the air, hot air looms large on the horizon,  weather changes have started showing their true colours.

These riders are the ones who bear the brunt due to this terrible weather and polluted conditions outside. To help out our fellow riders we will list some important motorcycle Hacks that protect the riders during excessive heat & pollution they will face while riding in the summers.


Let’s look at some important hacks you can apply to protect yourself against the Heat, Dust and humidity;

We begin with the first Hack,


1) Stick a Black Tape on top of a Helmet Visor

In summers, the sun rays impairs the vision of a riders, when it directly gleams on the Visor, resulting in lack of vision for the riders. Impaired vision creates a dangerous situation on the road, as the rider is not able to see nothing in his peripheral vision. This situation can quickly turn dangerous, can lead to serious accident on the road.

To tackle this situation, we provide you with a quick solution, stick a Black Duct tape  directly above the eye level on the visor. Confused, let us explain, get a duct tape, cut a piece, stick it on the visor, above the eyes, make sure the length and height of the tape is above your eye level, otherwise it can block the vision of the rider.  Proper installation of duct tape will prevent rays from piercing your eyes, you will be able to safely ride your way to kingdom come. To Check out the proper installation of the Tape, We would be doing a Hack Video Series Soon, Stay tuned for that.


2) Trash Bag to cover your Gear

Yes you heard it, trash bags, recyclable ones, environment first always, fantastic option if you can’t afford waterproof and heatproof covers, these are meant to tackle the meddling rain that comes and ignites the lateral heat in the later summer days. Use the black, fresh, non-used, clean Trash bag (you know why I am saying it! TRASH is controversial). Cover your Gear with these and they will work their magic.

They come in variety of sizes, you can use them to cover any piece of equipment, gear depending on their size, they can give you complete protection to you gear in lot of cases, against the rains and heat you face in the summers, they keep your gear, fresh and clean. Use them wisely, you are in for a surprise.


3) Crushed Can Side Stand Support

Ever thought about the drink can that you carelessly throw away after gulping? Do 1 + 1. Gotcha! You now have a crushed can side stand at your service.

This is an interesting one, it comes about me trying to find something to hold my motorcycle as my stand twisted in a bad way, not able to control my motorcycle. Stuck with broken stand, I decided to put a used can beneath the broken stand to keep the Motorbike stable, and Walla, this trick worked, of course I had to buy a new stand, this is  fantastic temp solution to stabilise the motorbike when it stands on  broken stand.Try this hack to create a stable base for your ride on temp basis though , just remember that this crushed can is your saviour.


4) Use a Manual Compass and other Adventure Gear

It’s difficult when we are riding in the mountains and the GPS goes bonkers. The best bet is to use magnets on metal tanks and stick the directions. That way, you don't need to keep the paper in the compartment. Need directions? Just the point the compass, at least you will be aware of the directions. Always keep some basic adventure accessories with you to rely upon in difficult times.

Try these simple riding hacks, tell us how they helped you, share your personal hacks in the comment section below;

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