Ultimate Two Wheeler Hacks -- Part 2

wd 40

Let’s continue this series with new hacks and solutions, we discuss some cool hacks by solving common Two Wheeler problems,

this one in particular is a drag,

The Problem:

Rust and Corrosion issues.


Easy way to get rid of corrosion, use WD 40, it is probably the most cost-effective way to remove unwanted rust from your beloved machine. It lubricates and protects most mechanical parts of a machine, in our case it’s a two wheeler, (tried and tested by us). WD 40 spray removes, lubricates and shields two wheeler parts from rust, dust and other corrosive materials. A Cost Effective Solution to clean and protect corroded machine parts be it Nuts, bolts and locks. it can be used to clean and fix multiple components, clean chrome painted parts, Remove unwanted stickers, polish and clean glass parts made out of Glass and Chrome.

Our Recommendation:

WD Forty is a fairly Cheap and easily available product which effectively fixes multiple  Rust and Corrosive issues in your Two Wheeler.

Try it out; Let us Know your experience; Comment Below

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