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secret motorcycle gear water bottle holder

                            The Bolster -- Custom Water Bottle Holder

Let's start with a question for your psyche. Why would you want to buy a custom motorcycle gear?

To Answer this; Let;'s take a scenario; What’s the first question that comes in the mind of a Two Wheeler enthusiast. How can i make my ride standout; can add any cutting-edge tech, should i modify any part to improve the performance, do i add any useful accessory, some go for custom chassis, others opt for intricate front end etc. Choices are endless.

You must have scoured many websites, Two Wheeler blogs and forums, looking for the custom gear which tickle your fancy.

Well look no further! Your search ends here. motopsychcle.com is the 'it' point here.

As one of our slogans says you ride we provide. Keeping this thought in mind we present to you first of our customised series of products, Designed/Developed or Customised according to the specific needs of the Riders.

This is the first of our Customised Series of Products; Let's Introduce what we call ...... The “(Bolster) “.

Your go to accessory/carry on Gear for the humble water bottle!

This holster can hold your 500 ml water bottle with ease. You can tie it up to your belt (Mostly used as an accessory) or attach it to your bike (Sometimes it becomes a gear).

The 'Bolster' is created from the skin of the vegetables. (Yes! VEGETABLE LEATHER).

Its eco - friendly and the Durable.

"Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather 500ml water bottle holder to carry your water bottle during those long rides".

Easily wearable and detachable without removing belt.

Here are some Specifications

Water bottle belt holder

Material: Vegetable Leather       

Colour Options: Brown and Black.            

Dimensions: 9”x4.5”x2”         

Weight: 88 gm

The "Psychcle" Verdict: A durable, easy to use gear to carry your water bottle during rides. We recommend go for it.

Why do You Buy This: Simple; Because We All of Us live in a Country with Hot Climatic Conditions, Most of the time you Ride, it is hot Outside, You feel thirsty all the time, You Need your Water Bottle; and Now we can make you a Sturdy, Cool, Solid, Classy, Custom Package to Carry Your Water Bottle, Useful Plus Awesome gives you an amazing product. There you go. 


Now Some important info:

This product is first of its long line of custom products we will be developing in collaboration with Designers. Currently we can develop custom products in Vegetable tanned Leather/ Metal, make sure you check those out in our website.

Here's the deal, If you are looking for some custom gear.

You don't need to type 'custom motorcycle parts/gear online'. Just Click on the Link: https://www.motopsychcle.com/avail-services/custom-work/need-custom-gear.html'.


Want to chat about or go for a Custom gear, give us a shout out at custom@motopsychcle.com.

Be safe, confident and enjoy the ride!


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