We tell you about Evolution of Motorbiking

Evolution of Motorbiking

This Blog is about the journey of how riding evolved through time between two completely different eras.

Let’s begin our journey with the Past, we call it Old School Riding:


Old School Riding

In the beginning where a 0.5 cc in 1885 changed everything. Motorcycles started to flourish during the world war times as a vehicle of choice for the army. After the war came the golden age of Motorcycles in 1940's, 50's, and 60's. Riders at the time were least concerned about tech aspects of a motorcycle., old school riding was all about loud engines, no speed limits & no pollution/ noise regulations.  It would be fair to assume that 40's, 50's and 60's riding would come under the old school era.

Before all the tech jargon came into the light, motorcycles used to be pure bred machines with big block engines, steel frames & simple mechanics. The people who used to ride in those days relied on their skill, intuition to control and ride the machines. The connection a rider had with his machine was much more intense at the time, people were more focused on riding without any reliance on any sort of tech or electronics. Cult movies such as Easy Rider showcased the true nature of motorcycle riders in the Old school era.

Even though motorcycles started evolving during the 70’s and 80's, riding style was more mechanically inclined, tech advancements were few and far between. The riding style did not change a lot during these decades.


Some of the important highlights from the bygone era:

– Rider had to be skilled

– Riding was much pure.

– More focus on mechanical Side

– Direct mechanical feedback from the motorbike

– Safety regulations were not there

– Americans and British companies ruled the road

– Japan started dominating the market in 70's and 80's

– Big block engines were everywhere


Riders enjoyed the mechanics till end of 80's


But then came the 90's and everything changed.


New Age Riding

90’s was the decade that sparked a new revolution in Motorbike riding, the advancement continues till this day.

With the advent of new tech, motorcycle riding has drastically evolved. All the major motorcycle companies have adopted latest technological features in their motorcycle line-ups; the concept of New age riding has shifted to tech based instead of mechanics. The riding techniques have transformed a lot with innovative gadgets and equipment’s available to the rider. New Age innovations such as Aerodynamic designs, electronics for stability, advance production materials are being used to make motorcycles more efficient, safe and fast.

The current generation of riders are able to utilise the technology to crank out maximum performance from their motorcycles. The new advancements in technology are being continuously tested by racing teams during the MOTOGP and WSBK racing season, the tech developed for race bred machines is then incorporated in their mass produced motorcycles.

Lot of new generation motorcycle riders are tech/electronically inclined these days, with the rate of advancement in technology, future of riding seems to be tech/electronic based. Usage of tech/ electronics allows new riders to adapt & learn motorcycle riding at a much faster rate than before.

In the current Scenario Majority of riders feel the inclusion of electronics has made motorcycles more rider friendly to use. New age electronics such as ABS assists a rider in applying brakes with utmost confidence, while an aerodynamic chassis has made motorbikes more stable while cornering.

With the introduction of new components - the power to weight ratio has significantly improved the performance of a motorcycle. With the world leaning towards a digital trend, we can expect more technological innovations in technology to assist the riders.


Conclusion: Motorcycles have come a long way since 1885, if you compare the earlier models with the sophisticated machines of today, Even though it has been a slow and gradual advance, we seem to be picking up the pace lately, there is no doubt motorcycling has come a long way.



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