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what is cc

Today's topic is on a quintessential term used by everyone with few words. pardon. few letters. It’s the cubic capacity or simply called 'CC'.

This is the term you come across almost every time you read, hear or watch something about motorcycles. We Are 100% Sure You must have read about it in motorcycle blogs & articles. Right?

Continuing what we started, in this  blog we talk about a common yet important two wheeler industry term ‘CC’.

It is defined by many terms; engine displacement and cubic centimetres and what not. For Now!

Let’s just stick to CC. What Is CC? Since we focus on Two Wheels, We define ‘CC’ as the volume of the cylinder of a two wheeler engine. Larger the volume of an engine, larger the CC, in literal terms, a bigger engine with more space will intake more air and fuel mixture to generate more power.

1cc = 1ml.

hmm, a 350-cc bike’s engine cylinder has 350ml of volume.

CC or engine capacity affects the power and smooth nature of your ride, is not necessarily a measurement of power. Instead, CC is generally related to the size of the engine.

Let’s take you through a motorcycle's combustion process. I would suggest that you look at your Vehicle's engine and visualise.

You twist the throttle of your ride. What happens then:

1) The engine sucks in air from filters and fuel from the tank.

2) Once they enter the engine Cylinder( Space or Volume of a Cylinder, Did you get it now), pressure is applied to trigger a reaction within the mixture.

3) As reaction erupts, engine allows mixture of air and fuel to burn.

4) This leads to the generation of power which rotates the Wheels making your vehicle move

5) The excess waste is pushed out through the exhaust.


Volume plays an important role, it increases or decreases the capacity of power generated by an engine. 

A Two Wheeler tends to sacrifice fuel efficiency (simpler term would be fuel management) for higher CCs, as larger cylinders will deplete the amount of gas in the bike faster.

Conversely, a smaller CC number may generate less power, but is likely to increase the motorcycle's mileage per litre.


Simple Jargon about ‘CC’

CC affects Power

The engine capacity is key component in determining the power output of an engine, if the engine capacity in other words space inside the cylinder is bigger, the more air-fuel mixture it will burn, in turn will generate more power.

Cc affects mileage

A higher capacity engine will suck more air into the cylinder, higher volume of air sucked will lead to higher quantity of fuel being used in the cylinder, when the amount fuel burned is high, there is an increase the power output, inversely, there is reduction in fuel mileage.   


Final Conclusion:

The ethereal entity inside you known to all as 'common sense' would settle inside your mind and ask, Why do we need to learn about CC or Why this blog?


Well we Thought

Everyone around you who is an ardent motorcycle fanatic or common motorcycle fan, will give you advice based on the Term "CC". Some people would also recommend you bikes on the basis of higher cc or higher power. It would be amazing if everyone is aware of the subject, they would be able to give better advice to someone or make informed choice for themselves? It's all for the benefit for our readers and fellow riders.                         

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